Cinderella Bakery Closes After 63 Years of Serving Pan Dulce in San Antonio


In San Antonio, people tend to eat more pan dulce in the winter, because what goes better with hot chocolate or coffee than freshly baked sweet bread? Unfortunately for people on the Westside of the city, a popular pan dulce shop has closed for good.

Cinderella Bakery has been serving people in and around the Greater Gardendale neighborhood for more than 63 years. If you go to the store today, there will be a sign and a padlock on the front door instead of open doors.

“To all of our wonderful customers, Cinderella Bakery will be closed until further notice.” Thank you for your help. “Happy holidays,” it says on the sign. Posts on Facebook told MySA about the closing. People were worried that the business would close at a busy time of the year for baked goods.

In one of these posts, Henry Correa’s daughter stated in a comment that the bakery was closing because of Correa’s recent health problems. People who saw the post sent Correa words of sorrow and well wishes.

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