Chilled Justice: Transgender Muslim Woman’s Battle Over Discarded Testicles

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A transgender individual is taking legal action against their former partner for disposing of their surgically removed body parts, which were left to decay in the refrigerator. On Wednesday, a district judge in Pontiac, Michigan, ruled against the small claims petitions of two former lovers engaged in a court battle. 

The allegations revolved around the testicles of Brianna Kingsley, also known as Zahrah Bri-Zee Muharib, who identifies as a Muslim woman. 

Kingsley, a transgender woman, alleges that her former partner, William Wojciechowski, is in possession of a personal item that she believes belongs to her. She is requesting the return of this item and seeking compensation for damages.

Judge Jeremy Bowie concluded that the testimony from Kingsley, 40, and Wojciechowski, 37, regarding the testicle incident was inconclusive. 

Following Kingsley’s initial handwritten filing, Wojciechowski responded with a counterclaim, requesting $6,500 in damages. He expressed feeling ‘humiliated’ by the news coverage surrounding the incident. 

After their split, Wojciechowski took legal action against Kingsley by filing a personal protection order, which Kingsley disregarded in January, 2023.

Kingsley was issued a $100 fine and had to spend three days in the Oakland County Jail as a result of the violation. ‘We permit individuals in such circumstances to have a single visit with a Sheriff’s officer to retrieve their belongings,’ the judge stated. 

‘At that time, Ms. Kingsley was unable to retrieve the items from the refrigerator… If they meant so much to her, she had the chance to seize them, yet she chose not to. 

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Wojciechowski disclosed that he disposed of the testicles in July due to their decay in his refrigerator. ‘They were decaying in my fridge, and it was revolting – I have food in there that I wanted to eat,’ Wojciechowski stated to the judge.  ‘She failed to store them in the appropriate container as required.’ 

Judge Bowie informed Kingsley that he was unable to provide much assistance at this point, as the evidence had been discarded. He also inquired about the origin of the $6,500 figure. 

‘Specifically, I inquired about the reason behind my question: I am able to quantify the monetary value, for instance, of your absence from work at a rate of $16 per hour,’ Bowie stated. ‘But when it comes to testicles, it’s difficult to quantify.’

Kingsley, holding onto a small black comfort dog throughout the criminal proceedings on Wednesday, mentioned that her surgery to remove a certain body part was quite expensive, amounting to $20,000.

Additionally, Kingsley disclosed that the surgery was covered by the state due to her disability. 

“But the state covered the cost; it wasn’t paid by you,” Bowie stated. ‘You won’t be unfairly enriched.’

Kingsley responded, stating that they were his testicles. We’re discussing a personal matter. I preferred having them in my fridge instead of his. I was refused access to my own body parts. I’m not sure that can be measured. The loss of these nuts resulted in significant damages.

The two individuals, who were previously in a romantic relationship, connected through a Facebook Community in April 2020 and decided to live together in 2021. They chose to reside in a Pontiac house that was purchased by Wojciechowski.


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