Chicago Social Event Turns Violent: Multiple Injuries Reported in Overnight Shooting

Image by: Chicago Sun-Times

CHICAGO – On Monday morning, a social gathering on the Northwest Side of the city turned violent. The incident occurred overnight.

On the evening of Sunday, a group of young people gathered on the street in Humboldt Park, close to the intersection of Pulaski streets and Iowa Street.

A Shell petrol station in the vicinity is surrounded by hundreds of people, as shown on video.

According to the employees, they shut the doors due of the overwhelming number of people.

It was approximately 12:46 in the morning when the police reported hearing gunfire, which occurred as the throng continued to swell.

On surveillance footage, individuals can be seen ducking under vehicles in order to evade the gunfire.

One of the other individuals present at the event did, in fact, possess a firearm.

According to the police, the youngest casualty was a girl who was 15 years old and was given a gunshot wound to the neck. She was sent to a nearby hospital.

“There were ambulances everywhere,” said Pastor Donovan Price, who is known as a Crisis Responder. “People are trying to figure out which hospital their friends and loved ones had gone to.”

Police have stated that a lady who was 18 years old was shot in the back, another woman who was 19 years old was wounded in the arm, a male who was 25 years old received gunshot wounds to the buttocks, and a man who was 35 years old was shot in the foot. All of these individuals were transported to the hospital and are currently described as being in fair condition.

In his description of the chaotic scene, Price stated that people’s things were scattered all over the place due to the extreme panic that prevailed.

In the midst of the mayhem, a woman who was 33 years old received medical attention for a broken ankle and was sent to a nearby hospital.

It is usual for young people to congregate in the neighborhood on weekends, according to a woman who works at a gas station, who stated that they had called the police seven times for assistance.

At least 24 individuals were shot on Monday alone, with two of them being critically wounded, according to the Chicago police department.

A total of seven individuals were also shot in the vicinity of 60th and Winchester in West Englewood.

The victims were likewise in their 20s and 30s at the time of the incident. The Chicago Police Department reported that between Friday evening and Monday morning, there were at least 71 persons shot across the city, and nine of them were fatally injured.

No one has been taken into custody in connection with either of these mass shootings. Investigations are still being conducted by investigators from the CPD area.


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