Beaumont Cold Case Breakthrough! MISSING WOMAN’S Remains DISCOVERED AFTER 25 Years in Ex-boyfriend’s Driveway

Image by: Newsweek

A woman’s missing in Texas over 25 years ago was solved this week after investigators dug up her ex-boyfriend’s driveway.

Kimberly Langwell, 34, went missing on July 9, 1999, in Beaumont, Texas, after calling her teenage daughter to say she’d meet her for supper at 6:30 p.m. Langwell never showed up for that dinner date, and her car was later discovered abandoned.

Over two decades later, new information led investigators to her ex-boyfriend Terry Rose’s home, and on Monday, they began executing a search warrant, which lasted until Thursday, when additional evidence was discovered in the driveway.

“At this time, we can report that human remains were discovered during the search,” Beaumont Police Assistant Chief Jason Plunkett told reporters on Friday.

Blunkett said the remains had yet to be formally identified, but his officers believed they belonged to Langwell.

Langwell’s automobile was discovered abandoned in a pharmacy parking lot the night she went missing. Her pocketbook and car keys were missing, but her cell phone and other personal belongings were present. She had planned to meet her new boyfriend and her 15-year-old daughter for supper, but she said she needed to stop by Rose’s house first.

Despite investigating the ex-boyfriend at the time, investigators discovered no concrete evidence linking him to the woman’s disappearance.

In April of this year, Langwell’s daughter Tiffani McInnis told Oxygen that she was having troubles with Rose. He would be strong with her to show her that he was in control, which made me uncomfortable,” she told the magazine.

Investigators continued to seek for evidence until they were fortunate to receive a tip earlier this year that the woman had been killed at her ex-boyfriend’s home.

The Beaumont Police Department executed the search warrant this week, with assistance from the FBI, Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, ATF, Texas Equusearch, and the City of Beaumont Public Works.

On Thursday, they began breaking up concrete in Rose’s front yard, assisted by penetrating radar and cadaver dogs.

Detectives discovered human remains underneath the driveway and arrested Rose, 67, on suspicion of murder.

“The important thing today is that we want to express our hopes that this brings some sense of justice to the Langwell family,” stated.

“Beaumont Police Department, the District Attorney’s office and our partners will continue to work this case until there is a complete resolution.”

Rose is being jailed at the Jefferson County Jail under a $1 million bond.

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