Army Captain Of Enterprise Is Recognized By Tuberville As The January Veteran Of The Month


WTVY DOTHAN, AL – A video recognizing U.S. Army Captain Maggie Amadei of Enterprise as the January “Veteran of the Month” was published today by U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

Senator Tuberville claims that Captain Maggie Amadei is the epitome of bravery. Despite everything that has happened to her, Amadei continues to live for her nation.

Maggie has served in combat and has earned a Gold Star Spouse designation. Maggie’s spouse Ben and she got to know one another while in the Army. While serving in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division, they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. However, Ben lost his life for this country two months later when his chopper was shot down. However, Maggie’s passion to serve was not diminished by this tragedy.

Maggie has contributed more than 1.5 million flying hours to pilot training over the course of 15 years, ensuring that our pilots are prepared. She works daily to make sure the upcoming generation of Army aviators is ready for any situation that may arise.

“Maggie is an inspiration because of her tenacity, fortitude, and dedication to serving.”

Every month, Senator Tuberville honors a different veteran from Alabama for their dedication to their community and years of service. By sending an email to [email protected], constituents can nominate an Alabama veteran and send their details to Senator Tuberville’s office for consideration.

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