Arizona WOMAN ARRESTED for Allegedly STABBING PARENTS, Brother Steps in to Save Them

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A man and a woman from the Village of Oak Creek have their son to thank for trying to save their lives after they were allegedly stabbed by their daughter on Saturday morning, according to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. The incident occurred in the early morning hours.

According to the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to the vicinity of Coffee Pot Rock Drive in the Village of Oak Creek on Saturday morning at approximately 5:30 a.m. Lauren Levinson, 33 years old, was discovered by a YCSO patrol sergeant out on the street. This sergeant was the first to arrive at the residence where the stabbing had taken place. After that, she was secured in detention.

After the stabbings, the sergeant went to the residence where they had occurred and discovered that Levinson’s mother and father had suffered serious injuries.

The mother of Levinson had been stabbed several times in the back, and her father had been wounded multiple times in the arm several times.

As soon as the sergeant started working to save the lives of the couple, he was aided by the couple’s son, who had been called to the residence to assist.

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While his mother was being transported to the trauma center at Flagstaff Medical Center, the son assisted the Sedona firefighters and the sergeant in putting an end to the bleeding and maintaining her breathing until she could be transported there. Additionally, the son assisted in applying a tourniquet to his father’s elbow as per 12news.

To receive medical attention for his wounds, Levinson’s father was transported to the Verde Valley Medical Center in an ambulance.

No new information on the mother and father’s current medical condition was available to the YCSO.

The investigation into the stabbing is currently ongoing at the residence, where detectives from the YCSO Criminal Investigations Bureau and evidence technicians are present.

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