Alaska Is Seeing Its Coldest Air In Two Years


KTUU – Anchorage, Alaska Fairbanks had a record low of 40 degrees below zero, which hasn’t been witnessed in almost two years! It hit 50 degrees below during the day on Monday, the lowest temperature recorded at Fort Yukon since December 2022.

There were below-freezing temperatures in Anchorage as well, ranging from -1 degrees in the airport vicinity to -12 to -19 degrees in the east and south of the city.

Similar to Southcentral earlier in the year, heavy snowfall in Southeast Alaska may be rather problematic due to its rapid and persistent nature.

With the most recent storm, the city received 16.9 inches, and a winter storm warning is in effect right now. Tuesday could see another 14 to 20 inches of snowfall, and Tuesday night might see the beginning of some rain.

A winter weather advisory is in effect further north, with gusts gusting to 40 mph and heading toward Skagway. Further south, there is another caution for freezing rain on Tuesday in the Petersburg region.

Most of the winter weather advisories along the Dalton Highway to the north coastline are based on wind chills of 50 to 55 degrees below. There will be 40 mph wind gusts.

This type of extreme cold impacts not only people and pets but also cars, water pipes, and fuel viscosity on occasion. When severe weather strikes, please bring pets inside.

Hot spots: Sitka and Metlakatla both reached 46 degrees.

Fort Yukon was a cold place, with temperatures falling to fifty below zero.

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