‘A Very Good Day for Donald Trump,’ Toobin Says Fani Willis’ Case ‘Is Going Nowhere’


Sky21– People who want to see former President Donald Trump go to trial in Georgia as soon as possible got a bad report from Jeffrey Toobin.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis used Georgia’s RICO law to charge Trump and his co-defendants for what they did after the 2020 election. The former president said the election was rigged against him, which was not true, and he tried to change the results in Georgia and other states he lost.

In the past few weeks, Willis has been under a lot of scrutiny after it came out that she was seeing attorney Nathan Wade, who she assigned to the case. Wade charged Fulton County more than $700,000 for personal trips he took with Willis. This makes it unclear whether Willis was really benefiting from the relationship at the cost of taxpayers. Wade also had never been a judge in a crime case. Judge Scott McAfee told Willis on Friday that he had to either quit the case or take Wade off of the prosecution. Wade quit soon after the decision was made.

Toobin, who used to be a federal lawyer, spoke out on Friday’s AC360.

He started by saying, “Today was a very good day for Donald Trump.” “This case is not going anywhere.”

Toobin brought up a different current RICO case in Georgia where picking a jury took almost 10 months. He said this was a bad sign for how quickly Trump’s case would be tried.

He went on, “This case will never go to trial before the election.” “I feel bad about it. Every single thing. Fani Willis has stuck with it, but this case isn’t going anywhere fast.

Then Anderson Cooper talked to Gwen Keyes, who used to be the district attorney in DeKalb County, Georgia.

She said, “I don’t agree with Mr. Toobin.” “I do believe there is enough proof to move forward. The timing of this case is especially strange. There has been one crime case that took a long time to go to a jury, but this one is different. During my 17 years as a state lawyer. It’s never taken 10 or 12 months to get a jury for me. A jury was chosen in about four weeks for the last RICO case I know of that D.A. Willis took to court. There were 12 accused. That seems like the kind of example we should look at.”

As the show went on, Toobin disagreed with Keyes’ reasoning.

I think this trial will happen while Malia Obama is president, as far as I can tell. “Oh my gosh, it’s so far behind,” he joked about the former first daughter, who can legally run for that job in 10 years. “Okay, getting the jury will take anywhere from a month to a year.” There are still a lot of legal motions to be made in this case, as well as in Trump’s other cases.

A total of 88 criminal counts have been brought against Trump in four different places. He has pleaded not guilty to all of them and is likely to be the Republican nominee for president.

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