A Relief Group Wants To Raise $30,000 For Haiti Help


Americans are leaving the troubled country of Haiti as gang violence has erupted there in recent weeks.

The nation’s primary airport in Port-au-Prince is still shuttered as a result of many attacks.

Nevertheless, Florida’s relief operations aim to reach people who are in great need.

WPTV met with two neighborhood organizations that wanted to help.

The founder of Christian Action and Relief for Haiti (CARHA), Djumy Septembre, stated, “Even in the middle of this situation, we have to stand for them and support them.”

Septembre wants to raise thirty thousand dollars to purchase supplies and ship them to Haiti.

For the past few weeks, gang violence and turmoil have paralyzed the country.

“It is pretty messy and terrible and unfortunately some of the Haitians cannot go anywhere,” said Djumy Septembre.

According to Jevahiah Septembre, a CARHA member, “All of the donations will go to either transportation, food, supplies, or medical supplies, which is what we need right now.” “It’s what we’re focusing on.”

Throughout the northern region of the nation, CARHA operates four schools and churches. According to Djumy Septembre, lives far afield are impacted by the bloodshed in Port-au-Prince.

“When a thing like that happens in Port-au-Prince the entire school system shut down in Haiti,” he stated. Fear is a way of life for everyone in Haiti.

They said that to obtain those goods sent to the cities where their schools are located, they will collaborate with Missionary Flights International.

This week, Missionary Flights International has already visited the nation twice.

According to Bud McLaughlin of Missionary Flights International, “[We’re] heading off to Cap-Haitien on the north coast of Haiti about a three-and-a-half-hour flight from here to there.” “They’ll be unloading some cargo there then going on to Pignon, which is in the central plateau part of Haiti, unloading cargo there.”

Early on Thursday, they departed the Treasure Coast to deliver essential supplies and assist individuals who required evacuation.

“There are a lot of people who’ve been trying to evacuate from Haiti, so we’ll be picking up about 15 people on our route today and bringing them back,” McLaughlin stated. “They’ll get back here tonight.”

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