A Fast-food Chain Experiences Massive Layoffs As A Result Of California’s Minimum Wage Hike


In California, the fast food business is about to go through a big change. Big companies like Pizza Hut are already feeling the heat because of a new law that will soon raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20 an hour. Even though the goal of this move was to help workers financially, it is causing a lot of trouble because it means a lot of cuts and changes to how things work.

The Groundbreaking Legislation: AB 1228

The Fast Food Franchisor Responsibility Act (AB 1228), which was pushed by Governor Gavin Newsom, is a huge step forward for the business. From April 1, 2024, the minimum wage for fast-food workers across the United States will be the highest ever. This isn’t just any pay hike. Businesses, especially Pizza Hut franchises, are scrambling to change, often by taking drastic steps, because of the huge rise that is coming.

Southern California Pizza Co’s Major Workforce Cut

Quick and strong responses have come from the business. Southern California Pizza Co. is taking a big risk. They run a lot of Pizza Hut restaurants in places like Orange County and the Inland Empire. 841 delivery driver jobs are going to be cut. This choice was made because of the extra money that will be needed to pay workers because of the new wage hike.

Pac-Pizza’s Change in Strategy

PacPizza, which is also a major Pizza Hut partner, isn’t far behind when it comes to adapting to new times. Also, they are going to have fewer employees in February. A PacPizza worker made it clear: “We’re getting rid of all delivery driver jobs because we’re cutting out first-party delivery services.” This means that about 1,200 Pizza Hut drivers in California will lose their jobs. The company is shifting its focus to third-party delivery services like DoorDash. This shows how quickly the business is changing.

Broader Effects on the Industry and What They Mean for Customers

This wage hike has effects beyond just laying people off. Other big fast-food chains are getting ready for the effects, and many people think that the extra costs will eventually be passed on to customers. The CEO of Jack in the Box, Darrin Harris, thinks that prices will go up by between 6% and 8% across the board. This is mostly because of the wage raises in California. BJ’s Restaurants, which has a big presence in California, is also on the same page.

Greg Levin, president and CEO of BJ’s Restaurants, said, “Menu prices will go up across California as we and other operators try to make up for the higher costs.” This price hike, on the other hand, will only happen in California and not in any other states.

The Big Picture: The Fight Over California’s Pay Raise

What is going on in California is not just a problem for that state. It’s a quick look at the ongoing national debate about minimum wage rules and all the different ways they affect people. This wage raise isn’t just about making workers better paid; it’s also about how labor costs, employment, and prices for consumers all affect each other. California is leading the way with this bold bill, and people will be closely watching how it affects the fast-food industry, both in terms of jobs and business plans. This situation is an important case study for lawmakers and businesses across the country because it shows how to balance the needs of employees with the needs of the business.

Statistical Data:

Fast Food Legislation AB 1228 – Fast Food Franchisor Responsibility Act
Effective Date April 1, 2024
Minimum Wage $20 per hour for fast-food workers across the United States
Impact on Businesses Significant changes and adjustments, especially for Pizza Hut franchises


Business Responses Southern California Pizza Co.’s Workforce Cut PacPizza’s Change in Strategy
Company Southern California Pizza Co. PacPizza
Locations Orange County and the Inland Empire California
Job Cuts 841 delivery driver jobs Elimination of all delivery driver jobs, shifting focus to third-party delivery services like DoorDash


Broader Effects on Industry
Expected Industry Changes
– Other fast-food chains preparing for effects
– Anticipation of passing extra costs to customers
– Jack in the Box CEO predicts prices to go up by 6-8% due to wage raises in California
– BJ’s Restaurants planning menu price increases to offset higher costs in California


The Big Picture: California’s Pay Raise
– Represents a national debate on minimum wage rules and their broader impacts
– Illustrates the balance needed between employee needs and business considerations
– California’s Bold Bill Seen as a Case study for lawmakers and businesses Nationwide

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In Summary

To sum up, California’s brave move to raise the minimum wage is having a huge impact on the state’s fast-food business. There are a lot of effects, from big job changes at Pizza Hut to expected price hikes on consumer menus. This situation shows how difficult it can be to find the right mix between increasing employee wages and keeping the business going. As the state moves through these uncharted waters, its method and results will teach other states how to do similar things.

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