A Candidate For Congress In Alabama Helps A Truck Driver After An Accident


WIAT: Birmingham, Alabama The Republican candidate for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District helped a truck driver following an accident on Saturday.

A tractor-trailer that had been overturned in a ditch along U.S. Highway 80 was noticed by Hampton Harris and his wife as they were traveling from their family’s farm in Hayneville to Montgomery, according to a statement from his campaign. Harris leaped out as they came to a stop, attempting to help the driver.

According to the campaign statement, Harris added, “I could not have pulled him out without the other good samaritans that helped pry the door open so that we could pull him to safety.” “I didn’t give this event any thought, and I didn’t anticipate any media attention.” Simply said, I think it is our duty as fellow citizens to do this.

Twenty-one candidates, including eight Republicans, have filed to compete in the 2024 redesigned 2nd Congressional District of Alabama. Harris is one of them. On the website for his candidacy, Harris states that he started a real estate agency in 2022 and has since sold more than $12 million worth of property. He graduated from Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law in 2023 after earning his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University at Montgomery in 2018.

On March 5, the Republican primary for the 2nd Congressional District will take place. In the event of a primary runoff, April will see it happen.

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