Discover the 7 Best All-you-can-eat Crab Spots in Maryland


Maryland is well-known for its delicious blue crabs, which are caught in the Chesapeake Bay and cooked with a flavorful spice blend. Indulge in the ultimate crab feast experience, where you can crack, pick, and savor as many crabs as your heart desires.

Here, we will present our top five crab dining spots in Maryland, ranging from scenic waterfront establishments to charming cabins. No matter if you’re a local or a visitor, there’s a crab spot for everyone, catering to different tastes and budgets.

1. Bethesda Crab House in Bethesda

A simple crab house that serves Maryland steamed crabs and crab cakes. The restaurant is simple, and there is a patio with a roof where you can eat and enjoy the view.

A restaurant is a great place to grab a quick bite or go on a date with your family. One of the best places in the area to eat crab is the Bethesda Crab House. On the beach, guests can enjoy a classic crab meal with fresh crabs and traditional side foods.

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It also has cold beer and places to sit outside. The prices are fair, and the service is quick. The mood and design are great. Marylanders who love crab and other shellfish go to Bethesda Crab House all the time.

It’s only 25 minutes from the city to this great place for crab and shellfish lovers to enjoy tasty Maryland crabs and shellfish.

2. Maryland Blue Crab House in Dundalk

It is a family business called Maryland Blue Crab House that serves crab in the classic Baltimore style. The owner of the diner has worked with crabs and other fish for more than 40 years. You can eat as many crabs as you want at this place.

There is also corn on the cob, fried chicken, and snow crab legs on the menu. You can eat as much crab as you want as long as you don’t make it past two hours. Another thing that the Maryland Blue Crab House does well is season their food well.

3. Avery’s Maryland Grille in Frederick

The best all-you-can-eat crab restaurants are not necessarily fine dining establishments. The Maryland Crab House is a simple, modest restaurant specializing in Maryland-style steamed crabs.

Steamed crabs, funnel cakes, and other Maryland seafood specialties are available at this eatery. They also provide draft and craft beer, as well as one of the greatest ice teas in town. This all-you-can-eat crab restaurant has a beautiful and inviting environment.

It is well-known for its steamed Maryland blue crabs, as well as its daily happy hour discounts and on-site seafood market.

4. Jimmy Joy’s Log Cabin Inn in Hancock

Jimmy Joy’s Log Cabin Inn is a Maryland hidden treasure. The historic inn, which opened in 1938, is a local favorite and a favorite of visitors passing along Old Route 40 and Interstate 70.

Discover the 7 Best All-you-can-eat Crab Spots in Maryland

It has great seafood and a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Despite the rustic atmosphere, the prices are affordable, and the staff is knowledgeable.

5. OCM Crabs in Ocean City

OCM Crabs in Ocean City, Maryland, is a casual, cheap location with the greatest crabs in the state. Steamed crabs, corn, and other Eastern Shore favorites are on the menu.

Six years ago, the first OCM Crabs location debuted on 63rd Street, and the restaurant’s creative menu features topless crabs. Dave Diehl, an Ocean City native, owns it.

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The two boys grew up in the crab house, but they’ve outgrown their original home. They established a second location on 71st Street this summer with a larger menu.

6. Captain John’s Crab House in Newburg

Anyone in Newberg who wants to eat great crab and other fish should go to Captain John’s Crab House. This old-school bar has been open since 1963.

It serves both traditional fish and American food. Live crabs and oysters from the area are on the menu. There is Wi-Fi in the diner, and there are separate bathrooms. Captain John’s Crab House is a great spot to eat if you’re on a boat trip.

You can even refuel your boat and eat at their pump-out station. Captain John’s Crab House serves tasty fish and drinks to people who live in or are just visiting the area.

The kid-friendly setting is great for families, and a private room can fit big parties. It also doesn’t cost anything to use its Wi-Fi.

7. Crab Bag in Ocean City

You’ve come to the right place to find the best blue crab in Maryland. The crabs from the state are always tasty, hot, and covered in a special seafood mix. They are stacked on plastic trays and are ready to eat. In Ocean City, The Crab Bag is the best Eastern Shore-style seafood restaurant.

They cook and serve the best blue crabs. There is, of course, something on our long menu for everyone. Don’t worry about cutting the crab into pieces yourself; it’s already cooked and alive. There are even crab cakes for sale.

You can find it in the “Sides” menu. It’s put between hush puppies and a baked potato. It costs a lot to park at the Wharf, so you might want to park in a garage near the market instead.

Final Words

Maryland’s crab scene has a lot of different kinds of food. There’s a place for everyone, from the Bethesda Crab House with its view of the water to the Maryland Blue Crab House with its family-run charm. You can eat as much as you want at Avery’s Maryland Grille and Jimmy Joy’s Log Cabin Inn.

For a casual meal with great crabs, OCM Crabs and Crab Bag are great choices. The basic feel and fresh fish at Captain John’s Crab House make it stand out in Newberg.

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