$6400 STIMULUS CHECKS 2024: What You Need to Know About Eligibility and Payment Schedule

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American citizens are looking for an answer to the issue, “Are the $6400 Stimulus Checks Real?” that practically every citizen in the country has. There is a fraud going around on social media that promises the US Federal Government would provide residents a $6400 subsidy for free.

If you qualify for the program, the pitch promises you will receive $6400. Every day, millions of TikTok users watch videos in which they are mentioned.

$6400 Stimulus Checks for 2024

The stimulus check is a direct payment to the individual taxpayer made by direct deposit or physical checks. The United States of America will make this contribution throughout the individuals’ difficult times to provide them with financial assistance.

The $6400 Stimulus Checks videos are quite popular on TikTok. This is one of the largest scams, as confirmed by the Internal Revenue Service. Citizens recently received stimulus funds during the COVID-19 phase, and the financial crisis erupted in 2008.

$6400 Stimulus Checks 2024: Overview

Organization IRS or SSA
Benefit Name
Stimulus Checks Program
Country USA
Amount $6400
Payment Mode Online – Direct Deposit
Category Government Aid

$6,400 Stimulus Checks Benefits in 2024

The $6400 Stimulus Check will be handed directly to an eligible individual who pays taxes in the country to help them fulfill their financial needs during difficult times. It is also utilized to boost the United States economy by offering financial assistance to persons in difficult situations. The government makes subsidies to help businesses manage their expenses and boost client confidence.

During the pandemic, the government of the United States of America gave financial aid to its residents. The CARES Act includes provisions for $1200 in stimulus cheques for each adult and an extra $500 payment for each dependent kid under the age of 18 years. This is one of the most recent and frequently issued to citizens of all 50 states in the United States.

Are the $6400 Stimulus Checks Real?

No, the $6400 Stimulus Checks displayed in TikTok films are a hoax for health subsidies. The Internal Revenue Service has stated that no such program is coming or has been authorized by the government.

These online rumors are part of an online fraud that reimburses taxpayers for overdue medical expenses. Citizens only receive legitimate stimulus payments, such as $2000 Stimulus payments for Seniors, which the Social Security Administration of the country initiates.

Signs that Prove the $6400 Stimulus Checks Subsidy

Americans should be aware that while obtaining free money appears to be a nice thing, it is actually difficult and real work. Most of the time, it is a deception perpetrated by social media influencers to capture the attention of the country’s millions of inhabitants. Several signs suggest that the USD 6400 Stimulus Checks are a fraud.

  • The internet link provided does not finish in “a.gov” and is not affiliated with any legitimate medical government program in the country.
  • Cash subsidies are not guaranteed, regardless of whether citizens meet the eligibility requirements.
  • The $6400 Stimulus Checks subsidy will never be made public by the country’s official health agency.
  • Fraudsters and fraudsters frequently pose as government workers in order to exert pressure on their victims and act quickly.
  • Citizens who participate in such frauds will never receive their money.

Social Security Recipients are Eligible for $6,400 Stimulus Checks

To ensure that their users receive Social Security benefits for programs such as retirement, disability, supplemental security income, and stimulus funds straight into their bank accounts, the AARP lobbied for easy and secure payments.

  • The AARP has successfully ensured that low-income families and people receive $1200 stimulus checks straight into their bank accounts.
  • Individuals with a monthly income of less than $75,000 and married couples with incomes less than $150,000 are eligible for the payment.
  • To be eligible for government stimulus funds, the head of the household must also have an annual salary of less than $1,12,000.


To summarize, the $6400 Stimulus Checks circulating on social media, particularly TikTok, are fake. The Internal Revenue Service confirmed that no such program exists or has been approved by the government. These bogus claims prey on people’s desire for financial assistance. Genuine stimulus funds are only made through authorized government channels, not via social media influencers.

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