These Are the Top 5 Pizza Spots in Austin That You Need to Try Before You Die


Austin’s pizzas are a culinary adventure with lots of different styles and tastes. This guide will help you find the tastiest and most unique pizzas in the Texas capital, from those with thin, crispy crusts to those with soft, delicious dough. Join us on this tasty adventure as we find the pizza places that make Austin’s pizza culture so alive and always changing. This is a great trip for both locals and tourists who want to try Austin’s unique pizza slices.

1. DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana

  • Address: 8000 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757
  • Phone: (512) 323-2426
  • Title: Italian Pizza

It’s known for having real Italian flavors, and Desano Pizzeria in Downtown Austin is a great place to eat. Fresh, hot pizzas are made in-house with dough made in-house and fixings brought straight from Italy. There are beers and wines to choose from, and the place has a cool vibe with an open kitchen and wood-fired pizza ovens.

Even though the space is simple and open, the nice staff and quick service make it a great place to get pizza. You can get the standard Margherita or a pizza with some more unusual toppings. All of them are served on a fluffy crust in the Neapolitan way.

2. Via 313 Pizza

  • Address: 3016 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78705
  • Phone: (512) 358-6193
  • Desc: Pizza

People love Via 313 Pizza in Austin because it serves real Detroit-style pizza with a lot of different flavors. Since it was a cart on East 6th Street, it has been a neighborhood favorite thanks to its thick but light crust, just the right amount of sauce and toppings, and once-a-month offers.

Even though the quality has been criticized recently, many customers still swear by tasty dishes like the Detroiter and the Ambassador Bridge. Most people are happy with the service, and the place has a cool vibe and a full bar. No matter if you like classic cheese or try new mixes, Via 313 offers a great pizza experience.

3. Little Deli and Pizza

  • Address: 7101 Woodrow Ave Unit A, Austin, TX 78757
  • Phone: (512) 467-7402
  • Desc: Sandwiches, delis, and pizza

People in North Central Austin love Little Deli and Pizzeria, which is famous for its original New York-style pizza and wide range of tasty meals. This cute, hole-in-the-wall restaurant makes you feel like you’re back in the good old days. Its calm, unhurried setting makes it a great place to eat slowly.

People often come back even though the wait times are a little longer because the food is just as good as at traditional Bronx slice shops. The menu isn’t very long, but it has a good selection of meals. The roast beef and cheddar sandwich and the veggie sub with roasted eggplant are two of the best. People in the area like it because it’s close to home, has helpful staff, and has a charming setting. But the higher-than-average prices and lack of clarity about veggie choices may keep some people away.

4. Home Slice Pizza

  • Address: 1415 S Congress St, Austin, TX 78704
  • Phone: (512) 444-7437
  • Desc: Pizza and sandwiches

Home Slice Pizza is a favorite in Austin, and its delicious pizzas, great service, and lively setting make for an amazing meal. People love this restaurant’s NY-style slices because they have just the right amount of cheese, sauce, and bread.

The vintage outside, beautifully decorated inside, and friendly, laid-back atmosphere that’s typical of Austin all add to the restaurant’s unique charm. Some people might find the smell of fresh pizza too strong at first, but the ranch sauce that comes with their pizza is a pleasant surprise. Home Slice Pizza is a must-see for foodies in Austin, whether you live there or are just visiting.

5. Pinthouse Pizza

  • Address: 4236 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
  • Phone: (512) 502-5808
  • Desc: Pizza and brewpubs

Pinthouse Pizza on S. Lamar in Austin is a beloved local spot known for its delicious pies, lively setting, and great customer service. This well-liked place serves handmade pizzas with unique sides, salads, and beers made in-house. People love their unique pizza tastes, like the Honey Pear, the Electric Jellyfish, and the O.G.

There is a menu for kids, trivia nights, and the choice to split pizza tastes at this place. Even though there have been some changes recently, regulars still like the fast service, helpful staff, and total value. Pinthouse Pizza offers a great meal whether you’re from the area or just visiting.


Explore Austin’s eclectic pizza scene with our definitive guide. Austin’s pizza culture includes a diverse mix of Italian, Detroit, and New York-style pies from DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana, Via 313 Pizza, and Little Deli. The city’s pizza appeal comes from Home Slice Pizza’s NY-style slices, pleasant environment, and Pinthouse Pizza’s distinctive pizzas. The unique tastes and welcoming sentiments that make Austin a pizza lover’s delight await local and visiting foodies.

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