Discover The 5 Most Liberal Cities in Pennsylvania 2023


Pennsylvania is a state with a varied political landscape, with distinct groups and areas having their own inclinations. Nonetheless, a few places in the Keystone State are particularly notable for their liberal orientations, fostering welcoming attitudes and progressive beliefs. The five most liberal cities in Pennsylvania will be examined in this article along with their voting patterns, laws, cultures, and levels of community involvement.

1. Philadelphia


Pennsylvania’s most liberal city is Philadelphia, which is also the biggest and most populated. The city has a long history of endorsing liberal movements and beliefs, as seen by the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020 receiving nearly 80% of the vote. The liberal ideals of the city are also reflected in its progressive laws supporting LGBTQ+ rights, the minimum wage, and environmental preservation.

Philadelphia is receptive to a wide range of viewpoints and artistic expressions, as seen by the city’s flourishing arts and entertainment industry, which includes the yearly FringeArts festival. Along with a thriving neighborhood and community development sector, the city boasts a diverse range of groups and organizations that collaborate to enhance the standard of living for its citizens.

2. Pittsburgh


Pennsylvania’s second-biggest and second-most liberal city is Pittsburgh. The Democratic candidate for president in 2020 received 75% of the vote, demonstrating the city’s continued support for progressive leaders and ideas. Among other progressive initiatives, the city has been a leader in preventing climate change and promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Pittsburgh’s liberal attitude is also demonstrated by the city’s cultural scene, which features innovative and creative establishments like the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History and the Andy Warhol Museum. The city boasts a thriving culture of community involvement, exemplified by the multitude of civic associations and neighborhood revitalization initiatives.

3. Harrisburg


Pennsylvania’s capital and third-most liberal city is Harrisburg. With the Democratic nominee for president receiving more than two-thirds of the vote in 2020, the city has a strong history of supporting Democratic candidates.

The city’s bold approaches to social justice and affordable housing make its liberal stance clear. The city’s inclusive and diverse environment is demonstrated by Harrisburg’s annual Pride Festival and the participation of organizations like the Harrisburg Young Professionals. With iconic buildings like the National Civil War Museum and the State Capitol, the city also has a rich cultural legacy.

4. Chester


The fourth most liberal city in Pennsylvania is Chester, a small community in Delaware County. The Democratic candidate for president in 2020 received 62.9% of the vote in the city, indicating a significant proportion of Democratic voters. The city’s support for public health care, education, and environmental protection is indicative of its liberal outlook.

Chester boasts a thriving cultural environment as well, highlighted by events such as the Chester Waterfront Summer Concert Series and the Chester Arts Alive Festival, which honor the city’s artistic diversity. With programs like the Chester Youth Collaborative and the Chester Community Coalition, the city also boasts a strong feeling of community.

5. Yeadon


Another little Delaware County city, Yeadon ranks seventh in Pennsylvania for liberalness. With 62.9% of the vote going to the Democratic nominee for president in 2020, the city shares Chester’s Democratic voter proportion. The city’s liberal stance is demonstrated by its support of social services, public safety, and civil rights.

Yeadon has a vibrant cultural scene as well, with places like the Yeadon Theater and the Yeadon Public Library providing both amusement and knowledge. With groups like the Yeadon Community Action Committee and the Yeadon Economic Development Corporation, the city also boasts a high degree of community involvement.

Statistical Data:

City Population Democratic Vote %  Key Liberal Initiatives/Features Cultural Scene and Community Involvement
Philadelphia Largest Nearly 80% Progressive laws supporting LGBTQ+ rights, minimum wage, environment Flourishing arts and entertainment industry, neighborhood development, diverse groups and organizations
Pittsburgh Second-largest 75% Leadership in climate change prevention, LGBTQ+ inclusivity Innovative cultural establishments, community involvement initiatives, civic associations
Harrisburg Capital Over two-thirds Bold approaches to social justice, affordable housing Inclusive and diverse environment, annual Pride Festival, cultural legacy with iconic buildings
Chester Small 62.9% Support for public health care, education, environmental protection Thriving cultural environment, events honoring artistic diversity, community programs
Yeadon Small 62.9% Support for social services, public safety, civil rights Vibrant cultural scene, theaters, public library, community involvement programs

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In Summary

Pennsylvania is a state with a diverse political landscape, reflecting the varying interests and ideals of its many cities. But certain of the state’s cities are particularly notable for their liberal bent, with a predominance of progressive concepts and welcoming mindsets. The following cities rank according to voting patterns, policies, culture, and community involvement: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Chester, and Yeadon. These cities serve as illustrations of how liberal ideas and ideals can influence a community’s personality and character.

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