Discover 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pima County, Arizona


Pima County, Arizona, is a large territory that covers 9,200 square miles and has a diversified population of over a million people. The county has a rich cultural past, but it also confronts safety concerns in some parts. Based on current SpotCrime statistics, we look at the five Pima County communities with the highest crime rates.

1. South Tucson

South Tucson, a tiny community in Pima County with a primarily Hispanic population, with a population of around 5,700. Despite its thriving neighborhood, it has a very high crime rate. In 2020, it reported a whopping 1,722 violent crimes and 15,741 property crimes per 100,000 residents.

South Tucson is the most hazardous neighborhood in Pima County, with a crime rate more than double the county average. The region has a history of gang activity and drug trafficking, which contributes to the high levels of violence and chaos.

2. Sesame Street

Sesame Street, the imaginary locale from the popular children’s television show of the same name, does not exist in Pima County or anywhere else. However, it deserves to be on this list because of its fictitious history of numerous crimes such as vandalism, abduction, robbery, assault, murder, arson, and terrorism.

The show’s notable “criminal” characters include Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Bert and Ernie, and Mr. Snuffleupagus. Sesame Street also has a jokingly high percentage of “drug abuse” among its residents, particularly those who eat a lot of cookies or tickle-me-Elmo dolls.

3. Speaks Trail

Speaks Trail is a rural road in Pima County’s northwest, near Saguaro National Park, that connects to the Picture Rocks community. Although it has a lower crime rate than other places in Pima County, it does provide its own set of concerns. Wildlife interactions with coyotes, bobcats, javelinas, and rattlesnakes are a problem in this region.

Furthermore, the Speaks Trail is vulnerable to wildfires, which may spread quickly and endanger houses and lives. In September 2023, SpotCrime recorded one theft occurrence on the Speaks Trail, demonstrating that even isolated locations are not immune to crime.

4. Crested Spring Drive

Crested Spring Drive, located in Tucson’s southeast region in the Rincon Mountains, is a residential street in the Rita Ranch community.

While Rita Ranch is usually seen as a secure, family-friendly neighborhood, Crested Spring Drive has had an increase in crime, including theft and burglary. SpotCrime recorded two theft instances in September 2023, implying that crooks frequent this area for easy opportunities to steal from residents.

5. West Valencia Road

West Valencia Road is a key highway in the southwest area of Tucson, the county’s biggest city. The surrounding communities, such as Midvale Park, Drexel Heights, and Valencia West, have higher rates of violence and poverty.

SpotCrime data shows a high amount of criminal activity along West Valencia Road in September 2023. Furthermore, the region is infamous for traffic accidents and deaths, rendering it dangerous for both automobiles and pedestrians.


In summary, Pima County, Arizona, with its numerous towns and extensive landscapes, faces varying crime rates. South Tucson has the highest crime rates, which are tied to prior gang involvement and drug trafficking. While the fictitious Sesame Street makes it onto the list, actual areas such as Speaks Trail, Crested Spring Drive, and West Valencia Road confront unique issues, ranging from wildlife interactions to property crimes and traffic hazards. Each town, regardless of its unique traits, contributes to Pima County’s complex safety landscape.

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