Discover 5 Most Amazing Parks in Salt Lake City You Don’t Want to Miss


Along with the beautiful Wasatch Mountains as a backdrop, Salt Lake City has a huge number of parks that tourists and locals can use to enjoy nature. Salt Lake City’s parks offer a wide range of natural beauty and fun things to do, from quiet urban green areas to large mountain getaways.

The parks in Salt Lake City are great places to get away, whether you want to take a quiet walk along tree-lined paths, play with your kids, or take in the view of the nearby scenery. Come with us as we explore these green havens and find out what each park has to offer in terms of beauty and fun things to do.

1. Liberty Park

  • Address: 600 Harvey Milk Blvd, Salt Lake City, UT 84105
  • Phone: (801) 972-7800
  • Desc: Park, Tourist attraction

Liberty Park is a lively haven in the middle of Salt Lake City that has lots of things to do for people of all ages. The area is great for families because it has two parks with fun things for kids to do, like musical instruments and playhouses. There are lovely flower fields, a lot of sports facilities, and the Tracy Aviary, a great place for bird fans to enjoy birds for a low price. People who live in the area have a special connection to the park because they have seen it change over the years. It still has a friendly vibe with a variety of activities and community events, such as the India Food Festival. Even though there are safety issues on Sundays and homeless people in the park, its spirit has not changed, making it a popular place for festivals, meetings, and leisurely walks.

2. International Peace Gardens

  • Address: 1000 S 900th W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 
  • Phone: (801) 938-5326
  • Desc: Parks

The International Peace Garden is a peaceful place of natural beauty and unity for people all over the world. It is part of Jordan Park. With its large size, this park is a great place to get away and think, or you can take a walk along the Jordan River Parkway Trail and enjoy the view. Each area honors a different country with its plaques, statues, and building features, though some of them need to be fixed. Even though the park has been criticized for its lack of diversity and ease of use, its well-kept grounds and welcoming families make it a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. The International Peace Garden is a free, peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors and the spirit of international unity. You can take pictures to remember your visit or use the park’s facilities.

3. Jordan Park

  • Address: 1060 S 900 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
  • Phone: (801) 974-2411
  • Title: Park, Skateboard Park, Tourist Spot

The International Peace Gardens are a peaceful place by the calm Jordan River. They honor world unity through their many plant shows and artistic features. This beautiful area has many trees, interesting bridges, and themed walls that show different countries. Visitors love how clean, safe, and lively the area is, saying it’s great for taking leisurely walks, riding bikes, or getting together with friends. Some people are worried about the area around the gardens, but they offer a safe, well-lit space with lots of walks and a link to the Jordan River Trail. Seasonal events like acoustic music nights make it more appealing, but services like food delivery and toilet care could be better. There is a unique mix of natural beauty and cultural unity in the International Peace Gardens. It is a great place to go for a day trip or an evening vacation.

4. Gallivan Center

  • Salt Lake City, UT 84111; 239 S Main St
  • Phone: (801) 535-6110
  • Parks, music venues, event spaces

The Gallivan Center is right in the middle of Salt Lake City. It hosts a wide range of seasonal activities and cultural events that bring people together. The ice rink turns into a lovely attraction in the winter, offering a cheap and enjoyable Christmas break experience with helpful staff and nice facilities. When summer comes, the center changes its focus and hosts the famous Twilight Concert Series, which has live music and a lively setting that draws a lot of people. But the venue’s fame has made it hard to park and avoid crowds, and because of present rules, there aren’t any ESA animals to be seen. Even so, the Gallivan Center is still a lively place for fun and entertainment in the city, catching the spirit of the city.

5. Tanner Park

  • Address: 2660 Heritage Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
  • Phone: (385) 468-7275
  • Desc: Park, Tourist attraction

This dog-friendly haven is in a beautiful place and offers the perfect mix of relaxation and fun for both people and their dogs. There are many tracks in the park, and each one has its special charm. People are encouraged to explore all of them. The park is a great place for pets to meet new people and enjoy the outdoors because dogs can run around freely without leashes. For the more daring, the peaceful end of the walk has a nostalgic activity, but it’s the friendly people and happy dogs that capture the spirit of this place. Pet owners and their four-legged family members love this park because it’s a safe place to get exercise, meet new people, or just relax.

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