These 5 Hidden Oyster Bars and Shacks in Georgia That Will Make You Drool


Discover the best of Georgia’s coastal areas as we show you our top five oyster bars and shacks. These hidden gems along the beautiful coast offer a tasty journey through Georgia’s seafood history.

Come with us on a trip to celebrate the sea’s bounty, where each shucked crab is a taste of the best that the sea has to offer.

From simple shacks to fancy bars, these five places know how to serve the best, freshest oysters and invite everyone to enjoy the ocean’s bounty in Georgia’s coastal charm.

1. Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar in Augusta, GA

Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar in the Augusta, Georgia, region is a wonderful option if you’re seeking for seafood. You’re likely to find something to suit your taste, whether it’s French dip sandwiches, wings, oysters, or any number of other possibilities.

If you don’t want to make the long trip to the restaurant, you may instead order takeaway. There is daytime and evening service at this restaurant. You have a wide variety of beer and beverages to choose from. Finally, they provide freshly made bread; you’ll feel satisfied thereafter.

2. C&S Seafood & Oyster Bar in Atlanta GA

Atlanta, Georgia’s C&S Seafood & Oyster Bar is a posh seafood and oyster bar that has won several accolades from publications and was named the best new seafood restaurant by Atlanta Magazine.

Amazing seafood can be found at this restaurant, which offers a beautiful ambiance and a menu that includes two varieties of clam chowder. There’s a big dish of clams, mussels, and king crab among the many fish preparations. The restaurant’s stylish atmosphere is enhanced by tile flooring and argyle booths.

The menu features a number of fried seafood recipes, as well as dry-aged beef and a daily dinner special. The extensive raw bar is one of the restaurant’s best features. Lobsters, clams, and oysters are among the options. The raw bar serves traditional drinks as well.

3. Hugo’s Oyster Bar in Roswell, GA

The best place to get Southern-style seafood is Hugo’s Oyster Bar. In Roswell, Georgia, owners Jon Schwenk and Rich Clark offer a flavor of the Coastal American South.

This appropriately named eatery serves a wide variety of dishes, including tuna tartare, calamari, mussels, and oysters. There are also specialty items on the menu, such as tender roasted meat.

These 5 Hidden Oyster Bars and Shacks in Georgia That Will Make You Drool

Hugo consistently wins the coveted title of greatest Southern restaurant, which is not surprising. The cocktail menu at this restaurant is the most amazing feature, aside from the cuisine. There’s a vast selection of wine, beer, and cocktails available.

Dining outside is possible in nice weather. Inside the traditional white-brick structure lies the bar, complete with black iron gas lights and bentwood seats.

4. Drift Fish House & Oyster Bar in Marietta GA

In the East Cobb region, a brand-new seafood restaurant and oyster bar called Drift Fish House and Oyster Bar has just opened. Doug Turbush, who has experience in fine dining, owns and runs it. In the past, he was the owner of Marietta’s Stem Wine Bar and Seed Kitchen & Bar.

Drift Fish House and Oyster Bar has a selection of seafood meals in addition to traditional raw bar fare. Crab cake BLTS, seafood po’ boys, and lobster rolls are a few of the meals. Every day, they also serve fresh seafood.

A wide variety of well-made wines and drinks are available at the bar at Drift Fish House and Oyster Bar. Lighter reds, whites, and sparkling wines are blended on the wine list.

5. Shuckers Oyster House in Carrollton, GA

This is the right place to go if you want to eat somewhere nice with friendly people, good food, and a reasonable price. People have been going to this place for a long time because they serve great fish and sweets.

People who can’t eat or drink fish can go to Shuckers Oyster Bar and get something else. The best thing about this place is that it’s right off of I-27, which makes it easy to get to.

There’s even a patio for when it gets warmer at night. For good reason, this place is one of Carrollton’s best-kept secrets. The food and service are some of the best in the city.

Final Words

Our favorite oyster bars and shacks showcase Georgia’s coastal charm. These coastal gems showcase the state’s seafood history and offer a delicious marine experience. Georgia’s distinct seafood flavor is showcased in each mouthful, from Rhinehart’s in Augusta to C&S Seafood in Atlanta.

Hit out Hugo’s in Roswell for Southern cooking or Drift Fish House in Marietta for seafood. Shuckers in Carrollton offers a relaxing beach getaway.

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