Discover 5 Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pennsylvania With the Highest Rates of Violence and Poverty


We’re going to show you the “5 Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pennsylvania,” which will make you think about the cities in Pennsylvania.

We go through places with high crime rates in this in-depth story, showing the problems that people in these areas have to deal with. Join us as we shine a light on the hard facts, look into the reasons behind the rise in crime, and think about what we can all do to fix and improve these difficult areas.

1. Darby in Delaware County

The city of Darby in Delaware County, which is close to Philadelphia, is on Pennsylvania’s list of the worst places to live. It has a high crime rate and is only 3% better than the country’s towns. It has about 10,000 people living in it.

There is a 1 in 49 chance of experiencing a serious crime in Darby. There is a 1 in 15 chance of experiencing a property crime. Not only that, but 28% of people in Darby live in poverty, which is more than twice the state average.

2. Camden, New Jersey

Camden is right across the river from Philadelphia, even though it’s not actually in Pennsylvania. It has a big effect on Pennsylvania’s crime rates. Camden is one of the most dangerous cities in the country and the most dangerous city in New Jersey.

Over 74,000 people live there, and the area has a long history of social and economic problems, such as poverty, unemployment, crime, and corruption.

Camden has a very high crime rate, which means it is not better than 0% of other towns in the US. In Camden, the chance of being a victim of a serious crime is 1 in 34, and the chance of being a victim of a property crime is 1 in 12. Also, 38% of people in Camden live in poverty, which is more than twice the state norm.

3. East Allegheny, Pittsburgh

On the North Side of Pittsburgh, East Allegheny, which is also known as Deutschtown, is a famous neighborhood. It used to be a lively German area, but now it’s seen as one of the risky parts of the city.

With 3,578 crimes per 100,000 people, this area has a 76% higher crime rate than the rest of Pennsylvania. However, there are violent crimes like attacks, robberies, and even killings that happen there. It’s not the most dangerous area of the city.

4. McKees Rocks, Allegheny County

A town in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, called McKees Rocks, or “The Rocks,” is known for having a lot of crime. Even though McKees Rocks only has 5,920 people, it has a very high crime rate of 6,409 crimes per 100,000 people.

The chance of being a victim of a property crime in McKees Rocks is 1 in 21.22. The most common crimes in this area are theft, break-ins, and car thefts.

5. Chester, Delaware County

In the past few years, there has been more crime in Chester, which is in Delaware County. Even though there are some good things about it, it’s a dangerous place to live. According to figures from the police, 1.4 serious crimes happen for every 100 people in Chester.

People who live in Chester have a 1% chance of being victims of serious crimes and a 12% chance of being victims of property crimes. Also, 37% of people in Chester live in poverty, which is more than twice the state average and a pretty high number.


The data shows the “5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pennsylvania” with high rates of poverty, violence, and property crime. Darby, Camden, East Allegheny, McKees Rocks, and Chester are the names of the neighborhoods.

They are all located near or inside big cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, implying that urbanization and inequality may be contributing reasons to the crime problem. The data also illustrates the obstacles and hazards that individuals in these locations experience daily, highlighting the need for more attention and action to enhance living conditions and safety.

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