Discover the 5 Best Fried Chicken Spots in Florida


Florida has a lot of beaches, sunshine, and fun things to do. Some of the best-fried chicken can be found in Florida. In 2024, we’ll tell you about our five favorite places in Florida to get fried chicken.

Five places stand out because of their delicious food that will fill any craving. You can get some of the best-fried chicken anywhere if you go to any of these five places.

1. King Fried Chicken

For years, King Fried Chicken, located at 2216 34th Street South St Petersburg, has been known for delivering beautifully crispy and savory fried chicken – residents frequently flock here for irresistibly fantastic tastes that will not disappoint.

2. Loyd Have Mercy

Loyd Have Mercy of Titusville, 3434 S Washington Avenue, is a must-visit for fried chicken fans. Their flavorful bite-size morsels explode with flavor; Loyd Have Mercy has mastered the art of frying chicken!

3. Dixie Fried Chicken

Discover the 5 Best Fried Chicken Spots in Florida (1)

Another excellent option is Dixie Fried Chicken in Belle Glade, situated at 133 Dr. M.L.K. Jr Blvd W. Their irresistibly crispy outside coating gives way to luscious beef inside, producing an irresistibly delectable experience that keeps consumers coming back for more bite after bite! The taste combination produces an experience that clients can’t get enough of!

4. Chicken and Waffle at Kinfolk and More

Kinfolk & More in Fort Pierce serves excellent chicken with fluffy waffles – the mix of textures and flavors offers an amazing eating experience! Visitors searching for a new touch on classic fried chicken will not be disappointed by their location at 7319 Indrio Road, Suite 5.

5. Chik’N Jones

Chik’N Jones is located at 1601 Drexel Ave in Miami Beach and has an amazing range of fried chicken options and exquisite sides that accompany its wonderful poultry meals. Don’t miss out on this gourmet treasure.

Final Words

Along with Florida’s beaches and lively sights, fried chicken is a culinary treasure that stands out. Our top five choices for 2024 bring the crisp, spicy taste of perfectly fried goodness.

From the tried-and-true recipes at King Fried Chicken to the new combinations at Chik’N Jones, these places offer a symphony of tastes to satisfy any hunger.

Every bite, whether it’s from Loyd Have Mercy’s powerful flavors or Kinfolk & More’s textured waffles, is a memorable experience. Come to Florida’s fried chicken paradise and enjoy the unbeatable treats at these five delicious places.

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