Discover Top 4 Incredible Pizzerias in Amarillo: A Delicious Way to Explore the City


Embark on a gastronomic adventure across Amarillo, where pizza lovers will be treated to a variety of delectable tastes. Amarillo’s pizza scene, located in the heart of Texas, provides a broad and delectable assortment to suit every taste. From classic favorites to innovative innovations, these pizzerias demonstrate the skill of making the perfect pie.

Join us as we explore Amarillo’s top four must-try pizzas, where each slice tells a tale of passion, high-quality ingredients, and the city’s distinct culinary culture. Prepare to enjoy the spirit of Amarillo, one amazing pizza at a time.

1. Bubba’s 33

  • Address: 2813 W Interstate 40, Amarillo, TX 79109
  • Phone: (806) 353-0033.
  • Description: Pizza, Burgers, American (Traditional).

Bubbas, a prominent Amarillo restaurant franchise, is a favorite among both sports fans and foodies. The restaurant offers a variety of tasty cuisine selections, including Philly cheese steak and Italian meals, as well as burgers and fried chicken. Despite being a franchise, it has a local flavor because of its courteous personnel and efficient service. The restaurant is well-known for its sports bar ambiance, with several TVs for football viewing. Everyone, whether a first-time visitor or a regular, loves the delicious cuisine, excellent service, and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you are visiting Amarillo or a native, Bubbas assures a delightful eating experience.

2. Pizza Planet

  • Address: 2400 Paramount Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79109
  • Phone number: (806) 353-6666
  • Description: Pizza, Chicken Wings, Italian

This remarkable restaurant, known for its better quality than conventional pizza companies, provides a great gastronomic experience. Despite minor delays, their service is excellent, with courteous workers who go above and beyond to guarantee client pleasure. They source fresh ingredients and provide exquisite meals that are well worth the wait. Despite the lack of an arcade, their reasonable rates and several locations around New Mexico make it a worthwhile regional restaurant to visit. While their pizza may not be the finest, it is certainly good enough to warrant a return visit.

3. Fire Slice Pizzeria

  • Address: 7306 SW 34th Ave Ste 10 (rear), Amarillo, TX 79121
  • Phone number: (806) 331-2232
  • Description: Pizza, Bars, Italian

Fire Slice Pizzeria, a hidden gem nestled away in a back alley, is a local favorite known for its wonderful, authentic Italian New York-style pizza. One of the greatest pizza establishments in town, it offers a broad selection of toppings, gluten-free alternatives, and unique specialties such as Hot Mama pizza and jalapeño cheese curds.

The restaurant also has a vibrant, dynamic ambiance, with live music and excellent service. Despite occasional small glitches such as slightly charred crusts or sluggish service, the quality of the cuisine and overall eating experience make Fire Slice a must-see when visiting the town.


Take a culinary trip through Amarillo’s numerous pizza options, combining classic favorites with new innovations. Each establishment captures the city’s culinary culture, from Bubba’s 33, a local favorite with a sports bar vibe, to Pizza Planet’s exceptional gourmet experience and Fire Slice Pizzeria’s hidden treasure status. Amarillo’s pizza culture guarantees a pleasurable experience, allowing both locals and visitors to taste the passion and high-quality ingredients that go into each slice. Enjoy the distinct character of Amarillo, one great pizza at a time.

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