Here Are the Top 3 Chinese Restaurants in Boerne, Texas You Must Try


Take a culinary tour across Boerne, Texas, as we discover the unique tapestry of Chinese tastes that adorn the city’s food scene. Boerne, known for its pleasant environment, invites you to enjoy the wonderful offers of Chinese food. From classic family-owned enterprises to modern fusion jewels, Boerne’s Chinese restaurants offer different menus, with each dish telling a narrative of culinary brilliance.

Whether you’re craving classic dim sum, spicy stir-fries, or delectable Peking duck, these culinary locations offer a unique experience that combines local character with the eternal fascination of Chinese cuisine. Prepare to tickle your taste senses and discover hidden jewels in Boerne’s culinary scene.

1. Lung Fung Chinese

  • Address: 1004 N Main St, Boerne, TX 78006
  • Phone: (830) 249-6185.
  • Description: Chinese.

Lung Lung Fung’s is a popular Chinese restaurant in Boerne that is well-known for its great cooking and service. Despite its conventional façade, its allure stems from its fresh, well-prepared food, big quantities, and clean, pleasant atmosphere. Notable delicacies include General Tso’s Chicken, Lo Mein, and Ma Po Tofu, all served with a strong emphasis on genuine tastes.

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The restaurant is a family-owned business that has weathered difficulty and remains popular with both residents and guests. It’s lauded as a remarkable choice in a community brimming with Mexican restaurants, outperforming many Californian Chinese establishments.

2. Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant

  • Address: 430 W Bandera Rd Ste 1, Boerne, TX 78006
  • Phone number: (830) 249-4982
  • Description: Chinese.

Shanghai is a popular family-owned Chinese restaurant noted for its friendly service, fresh and flavorful food, and affordable rates. Despite some minor concerns with cleaning and design, the establishment is frequently packed with customers because of its constant quality and pricing.

The cuisine is varied and tasty, with options like as beef broccoli, chicken fried rice, and veggie lo mein. The restaurant also provides a military discount, demonstrating its devotion to community service. Whether you dine in or take away, Shanghai offers a meal that will have you coming back for more.

3. China bowl

  • Address: 1361 S Main St Ste 301, Boerne, TX 78006
  • Phone: (830) 331-8558.
  • Description: Chinese.

This Chinese restaurant in Boerne is well-known for its excellent service and great food. The crew, from servers to managers, are attentive and helpful, working together to provide a pleasant eating experience. The cuisine, which ranges from Mongolian Beef to General Tso’s Chicken, is consistently fresh, hot, and amply portioned. Notably, the restaurant’s devotion to quality is demonstrated by its rejection of usual greasy takeaway meals.

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Despite some variation in the lunch offerings, the restaurant remains a popular choice for many, making it worth the 45-minute journey from Kerrville. However, it’s worth remembering that they don’t open on Saturday.


Embark on a flavorful tour across Boerne, Texas, as we explore the city’s unique culinary environment, including Chinese food. From Lung Fung’s historic charm to Shanghai’s family-friendly ambiance and China Bowl’s superb service, these Chinese restaurants provide experiences rather than simply food. Boerne’s food scene transforms into a cultural excursion, combining authentic flavors, friendly service, and family traditions. Whether you’re eating General Tso’s Chicken or vegetable lo mein, these restaurants guarantee a culinary journey that will last a lifetime, enticing both locals and visitors to Boerne’s Chinese cuisine.

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