Here Are the 3 Best Shaved Ice in Grand Prairie, Texas You Can’t Miss


Take a culinary journey across Houston’s eclectic eating scene as we discover the city’s hidden gems: three Shanghainese eateries that embody the essence of this rich culinary history.

Nestled among the busy metropolitan scene, these restaurants offer the original flavors of Shanghai to Houston, demonstrating the expertise of Shanghainese cuisine.

Join us in finding these must-see eateries, where each dish exemplifies the culinary expertise and cultural legacy that distinguish these Shanghainese restaurants as real hidden dragons amid Houston’s rich gourmet offerings.

1. Tastee Ice

Address: 829 S Belt Line Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Phone: (972) 642-2356
Desc: Shaved Ice

At our favorite spot, you can get the best snow cones in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our snow cones have been called the “best in town” because of their high quality and delicious taste. We’re open to new flavor ideas and promise a lively, cool experience that’s just “fire!” Here is the last snow cone treat you need to find.

2. Raspados

  • Address: NE 17th St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
  • Disc: Dessert shop

Our restaurant offers a unique mix of taste and comfort. We serve not only different, tasty mineral water but also a wide range of tasty food at fair prices. We only accept cash right now, but soon we’ll also accept cards, which will make things easier for our customers.

3. Steph’s Relax-Ville

  • Address: 128 SW Dallas St, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
  • Phone: (214) 735-5814
  • Decs: Shaved Ice

Steph’s Chill Ville in Grand Prairie is a beloved local treasure known for its delicious desserts and snow cones. The family-run business has a lot of different tastes, such as mangonada, cherry-blue raspberry, and banana fudge snow cones, as well as sweet treats like Cookies and Cream Oreo Funnel cake.

Customers always say nice things about their snow cones, which are tasty and well-balanced, with no sugar falling to the bottom. The helpful service, low prices, and easy access through the drive-thru make the experience even better. Whether you’re craving something sweet or something cool to eat, Steph’s Chill Ville is sure to make your visit fun and rewarding.

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