Here is the List of the 10 Most Violent Cities in Texas

Image by : World Atlas

What could happen in a city to make it the MOST VIOLENT? Start with Tyler to see the 10 most dangerous places in Texas.

10. Tyler

From 731 to 1,965 property crimes, Tyler saw a rise of more than 100% in property crimes. Being aware of your surroundings is important in this town, even though it’s not nearly as dangerous as the number one spot.

9. Killeen

There were 657 violent crimes in 2022, which put it at number 9 on the list of dangerous years.

8. Arlington

There is a lot of crime in Arlington. It’s crazy that they had 7,321 property crimes and a lot of dangerous crimes like fights and break-ins.

7. Waco

One out of every 24 people in Waco is likely to be a victim of either a physical or property crime.

6. Dallas

It’s crazy to think that there were 7,708 serious crimes in Dallas last year, and the rates of property crimes were even higher. Someone broke into 36,466 homes and businesses last year.

5. Corpus Christi

A serious crime will happen to 1 in 16 people in Corpus Christi, so keep your eyes open.

4. San Antonio

There are a lot of property crimes in San Antonio. More than 53,613 crimes against property were recorded in Riverwalk City.

3. Beaumont

In the Lone Star state, Beaumont has a bit of a bad name. We knew it was bad, but not THAT bad. One out of every sixteen persons in the area becomes a victim of crime, with a crime rate of 60.83 per 1,000 population.

2. Lubbock

There’s more to the lively college town than just classes and drunk people. One out of every sixteen residents is a victim of a crime as tensions rise in this community. There is an abundance of both violent and property crimes in Lubbock.

1. Houston

Assaults, robberies, and rapes are commonplace in the huge metropolis. The crime rate in Houston is 56.23 per 1,000 people, which translates to 1 in 18 persons having an experience with a crime while hanging out in H-Town.

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