Here Are the 10 Best Places for Fried Catfish in Louisiana You Must Try in 2024


There are lots of different ways to enjoy fried catfish, which is a Southern classic. Some people like it simple and crunchy, with only cornmeal and salt. Some people like it hot and saucy, with Cajun spices and remoulade. Some people like it with shrimp, gravy, or cheese on top.

There is a place in Louisiana that serves fried catfish that fits your taste. Louisiana is known for its bayous, gumbo, and jazz. We will talk about the best places in Louisiana to get fried catfish based on customer reviews, scores, and quality in this piece. Get ready to eat some of the country’s best-fried catfish.

1. Joey K’s, New Orleans

Joey K’s, located on Magazine Street, is a casual, family-friendly restaurant noted for its unlimited fried catfish. Joey K’s offers a dynamic and colorful dining experience with a broad variety of Cajun and Creole cuisine. On Fridays, they serve all-you-can-eat catfish with fries and your favorite dipping sauces. It’s a feast that catfish fans will not want to miss.

2. Steamboat Bill’s, Multiple Locations

Steamboat Bill’s has multiple sites throughout central and southern Louisiana, so a substantial dinner is never far away. Their fried catfish is a must-try, and they are consistently rated the best seafood restaurant in the region. Their Lake Charles and Alexandria sites are especially popular with both locals and visitors.

3. Catfish Charlie’s, Monroe

With a name like Catfish Charlie’s, the bar is set high, and this restaurant does not disappoint. The thin and crispy catfish strips coupled with fries and hushpuppies are a culinary pleasure. Catfish Charlie’s exemplifies the straightforward yet gratifying essence of well-prepared Southern food.

4. Crawdaddy’s Kitchen, Shreveport

Crawdaddy’s Kitchen, which has been serving the Shreveport region for more than 20 years, is a family-friendly restaurant with a casual and warm ambiance. Their catfish strips are some of the greatest you’ll ever taste, making it a must-stop for fried catfish fans.

5. Jan’s River Restaurant, Shreveport

From the outside, this inconspicuous cafe may not appear to be much, but the fried catfish fillets inside are some of the best in the area. Jan’s River Restaurant is a no-frills establishment that focuses on serving delicious meals in a comfortable setting.

6. Beausoleil, Baton Rouge

This modern Louisiana restaurant has been wowing customers since 2010. Beausoleil mixes traditional Southern tastes with contemporary flair, well known for their fried catfish topped with spicy shrimp served over filthy rice.

7. Cajun Landing, Alexandria

Despite being closed currently, this informal restaurant was recognized for its outstanding seafood specialties. Cajun Landing is remembered warmly by its customers for its fried catfish and handmade white chocolate bread pudding.

8. Shreveport’s Herby-K’s

Herby-K’s has been a Shreveport landmark since 1936. While their shrimp buster sandwich is legendary, their fried catfish is as outstanding, attracting both residents and visitors for a taste of true Southern cookery.

9. Crabby Jack’s, New Orleans

Located on Magazine Street, Crabby Jack’s is famed for its distinctive po’boys, including a delectable catfish po’boy. This restaurant is ideal for people searching for some of the greatest catfish in a bustling New Orleans environment.

10. Johnny’s Catfish and Seafood, Shreveport

Johnny’s, which opened in 2002, serves a delicious Louisiana catfish supper. This iconic Shreveport restaurant is noted for its friendly service and tasty catfish.

Final Words

There is more to fried catfish than just the food. It is a part of Louisiana’s culture and history. There are a lot of places to eat fried catfish in the area, from New Orleans to Shreveport. Each one will suit your tastes.

You can enjoy a tasty meal that shows off the varied and rich history of the Pelican State, whether you like it plain, hot, or covered. Don’t miss the chance to try some of the best-fried catfish in the country the next time you go to Louisiana.

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