Here Are 10 Best Fried Catfish Stops in Galveston, Texas Must Try in 2024


Here are the “10 BEST Fried Catfish Stops in Galveston,” where you can dive into the tasty world of Gulf Coast food. This food tour looks at Galveston’s fried catfish scene, which is known for its coastal beauty and crispy treats.

Each stop, from beachside shacks to small harbor restaurants, sounds like a great time. Come with us as we find the best places to get fried catfish that is both perfectly golden brown and made with the freshest fish.

This will show you the amazing cooking skills that make Galveston a great place for fried catfish fans. Prepare to enjoy the tastes of the Gulf!

1. Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar

People in the area love this American bar for both its prime rib gumbo and its tasty catfish. The people who work there are nice, and the place is nice.

2. Gaido’s

With a long history of serving delicious seafood, Gaido’s is a fine-eating restaurant where you can enjoy perfectly cooked catfish and other seafood treats.

3. Mario’s Seawall Italian & Pizzeria

This restaurant is best known for its Italian food, but it also serves delicious seafood, like catfish, that you have to try.

4. Fisherman’s Wharf

This spot is known for its fresh fish and is close to the Historic Strand District. There are many fish meals on the menu, but the catfish is the best.

5. Gumbo Diner

This American Cajun and Creole diner doesn’t look very fancy, but catfish fans will love it. Their dedication to making great food is clear in the tasty catfish they serve.

6. Cajun Greek

The food at Cajun Greek is a great mix of American, Cajun, and Creole tastes, and the catfish on the menu is especially tasty. People love the place because it has tasty food and a relaxed vibe.

7. Nick’s Kitchen and Beach Bar

Nick’s Kitchen and Beach Bar is on Galveston Island and serves a range of seafood, including catfish, that is sure to please your taste buds.

8. Shrimp N Stuff

This restaurant has two sites in Galveston and serves cheap and tasty seafood dinners, such as catfish. It has been on the island since 1976 and is known for having a loose vibe.

9. Gypsy Joynt

For a quick bite in a cozy space, Gypsy Joynt is the place to go if you want to enjoy great food, like fried catfish, in a unique setting.

10. Fish Company Taco

Fish Company Taco is known for its great service and flavorful menu. They serve tasty seafood tacos, like catfish options, at reasonable prices. Galveston’s food scene has a secret gem like this.

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