Here Are the Top 10 BBQ Spots in Nashville, TN You Must Try in 2024


Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee’s sizzling center, where the smokey fragrance of grilled delicacies perfumes the air and lures both locals and visitors alike.

Another symphony of aromas awaits in this dynamic city known for its musical heritage—a tempting assortment of BBQ places that represent the essence of southern cookery.

Join us as we reveal Nashville’s top 10 BBQ spots for 2024, offering an amazing gastronomic trip across the city’s rich and diverse barbecue environment.

1. Honeyfire BBQ

This Bellevue Place location opened in 2018 and provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere. They have a menu that features a variety of American BBQ styles, such as Memphis pork sandwiches and Texas brisket, and they are well-known for their handmade sauces made with honey. Their Diablo Jones sandwich is a distinctive take on the traditional pulled pork sandwich.

2. Zilla’s Pit BBQ

The specialty of this food truck is real, pit-smoked meats. Many people love their pulled pork, ribs, and rib tips so much that they don’t even need sauce. A popular side dish is mac and cheese, created with five different varieties of cheese and beef.

3. The Gambling Stick

This food truck is parked in East Nashville and smokes its meals using cherry wood. The ‘pigskin,’ a brisket-like cut that is a must-try, is their specialty.

4. Central BBQ

Their tagline is “Smoke is Our Sauce”. Situated in the Hillsboro area, they provide a selection of smoked meats, including brisket, hog, chicken, and ribs. Their ribs are a standout feature, and they come in both dry and wet varieties.

5. Whitt’s Barbecue

Here Are the Top 10 BBQ Spots in Nashville, TN You Must Try in 2024

Known for their hot wings with a peppery taste and pulled pork cooked with hickory, they have been a Nashville mainstay since 1978. Worth the journey is their fast-food-style dining experience.

6. Mary’s Old-Fashioned Pit Bar-B-Que

situated in the historic African-American commercial sector and a community mainstay since 1962. They provide exceptional hog shoulder sandwiches and a true, family-run BBQ experience.

7. Tex’s World Famous Bar-B-Q

brings Nashville Texas-style barbecue. They have pulled pork, smoked turkey breast, bar-b-q bologna, and beef brisket on their menu. Similar to their assortment of pies, the sides and desserts are as delicious.

8. Peg Leg Porker

a well-known brand in Nashville that Carey Bringle started during his cancer fight. This restaurant specializes in Tennessee-style barbecue and serves inventive sides like smoked green beans along with traditional dishes like pulled pork sandwiches and dry-rubbed ribs.

9. Bringle’s Smoking Oasis

Nashville’s second endeavor from Carey Bringle, with a fusion of Southwestern tastes. Anticipate inventive menu items like jalapeño cheddar sausage and smoked prime rib, in addition to a welcoming environment for families with pets.

10. Shotgun Willie’s BBQ

Located in the heart of East Nashville, this restaurant serves Tennessee-style barbecue with Texas-style brisket. Since it’s a lunch location, arrive early to make sure you don’t miss their well-known brisket.


Nashville’s best BBQ restaurants offer smokey tastes and delicious food. Each visit tells a story of Southern cooking expertise, from Honeyfire BBQ’s friendly welcome to Zilla’s Pit BBQ’s genuine pit-smoked meats.

Nashville’s unique BBQ scene offers an incredible trip through history, tradition, and innovation, from Central BBQ’s signature ribs to Whitt’s Barbecue’s traditional specialties.

These top 10 BBQ locations, from food trucks to long-standing restaurants, celebrate Nashville’s rich history and invite everyone to taste Southern cooking.

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