Mrs. Opan Pickle Smith

Born July 08, 1924. Died June 19, 2020.
Resided in Armuchee, GA

Mill Creek Missionary Baptist Church between lyerly and galesville 86 degrees Fahrenheit when’s kalm Sunny partly cloudy pixelated a little bit but basically good signal

Pentecostal Tabernacle Church on the Hill just south of lyerly in the parking lot up on the hill 88 degrees when’s calm sunny good signal

Old red food parking lot 11:30 a.m. temperature 77 degrees H52 signal good with antenna booster

Walmart parking lot 11 34 79 degrees Fahrenheit 52 humidity good signal with antenna booster

Trion triangle 1142 a.m. temperature 80 degrees when Tom humidity 52 good signal with antenna booster no problems

Triad High School parking lot 82 degrees Fahrenheit humidity 52 time 11:50 a.m. when calm Sunny partly cloudy great signal not too much else anything else picking up

Old garage just north of Mount Vernon Mills on Old Highway 27 where the road bends hard to the left it is 12:00 noon 82 degrees sunny view clouds winds calm good signal got one all the way to. 8

Where Old 27 Forks off to go to new 27 to the DG good signal 12:05 p.m. when’s calm sunny few clouds

Highway 27 North of trying mile marker 3 sunny 83 degrees light wind excellent signal 1215pm

Convenience store just off of Highway 27 on the way to Bluebird and Roper signal excellent time 1220 sunny when’s calm scattered clouds

27 bypass around Lafayette intersects with 136 at the convenience store lots of power lines black screen no signal no sound but no blue Los indicator 1226 p.m.

Highway 27 bypass 136 across the intersection from the convenience store up the hill and then to the left up in the neighborhood up to the very top got signals pretty strong a little pixelated a little broken up but promising 82° 12:30 p.m.

Lafayette High School parking lot pretty good signal one signal was acquired started out really digitized Beyond pixelation what signal lock pin look good 12:40 p.m. 82° light Uno Winn sunny scattered clouds

Old Kmart parking lot Lafayette Georgia 27 bypass intersection 12:50 p.m. 83 degrees sunny partly cloudy light Uno wins black screen but no Los indicator

South of tower, hwy27 ,cross Rd, 81F clear, sunny, 5-10mph wind,  great sig

Subligna food mart, across the road in gravel, same condo, 1;37pm, great sig, one pixelated moment, ant heigth a factor, slight breeze

Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church parking lot 1:51 p.m. temperature 79 degrees clear skies 5 to 10 mile an hour wind Channel scan no 21. 1 to 21.8 did pick up W TCI out of Chattanooga and I on television

Walker County fire rescue station 17 West armuchee picking up channels wdef 12 out of Chattanooga and wtci but no Channel 21. 12.8 1 or skis me to 79 degrees 17 mile an hour winds

On top of hill between 151 and West armuchee Road at North National Forest sign 250 good signals on 21.12 21.8 also picking up RCB wdef and wtci

Sat, jun6, 2020, 82F, 3to5mph wind from W.
Hwy100, pinhoti trail head parking lot, LOS blue bar

Holland store, railroad st, black screen

Hunters furniture,  87f, wind calm, partly cloudy, …good sig, 12:30pm

Count line fliyd/chatt, sike story-27, good sig,
New Antioch Baptist Church on Big Texas Valley Road black screen with signal booster blue Los without signal booster temperature 86 degrees partly cloudy sunny wind calm

Armuchee Baptist Church halfway between Antioch + 27 85 degrees partly cloudy when’s calm partial signal slightly pixelated when antenna help lower than the car window

New BP station at Highway 27 and Highway 156 intersection good signal on all channels 1:07 p.m. 86 degrees partly cloudy winds calm

Armuchee Elementary School upper parking lot partial signal when in the right spot otherwise black screen 120 PM 88° Winds calm partly cloudy partly sunny

Across the street from Dad’s old Pharmacy Glenwood no signal black screen sometimes blue Los on Highway 27 1:39 p.m. 90° when’s calm

Russell airport Rome Georgia 90 degrees Fahrenheit 1:45 p.m. partly cloudy Winn calm perfect signal 21.1 to 21.8

Armuchee Middle School at on 156 it is 88 degrees its 2 when’s called partly cloudy near perfect signal

5,23,2020, sunny partly cloudy, antenna, car window height,  T82 H76 cedar bluff, , ch,lyerly park, SIG, Old chattoogaville quick store, no sig, mill creek bab church no sig, Galesville Crossroads no signal, 3240 address no signal, Cedar Bluff City Park no signal, centre AL garden state parking lot, black screen (…but no”no sig ” msg)

Graveside - Lyerly Cemetery