Summerville Pharmacy Worker Indicted for Stealing Pain Pills



Pre-Payment Now Possible Toward Tax Bills

Chattooga County Citizens can now begin making payments to be held in escrow and applied toward their tax bill for 2019 property taxes, that according to Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton.
The tax commissioner says that this is completely OPTIONAL for our citizens- up to 75% of the amount of the 2018 tax bill can be paid toward the 2019 tax bill, and receipts for the amounts prepaid will be issued by her office.
Hampton said, “I am very excited to be able to offer this much requested service to my citizens.  Again-the prepayment plan is optional, and not mandatory.  Many citizens have told me that the ability to make prepayments toward their tax bills will make it easier for them to get their bills paid in full by the December 1st due date. “
Tax Commissioner Hampton added, “I would again like to thank Senator Jeff Mullis for sponsoring Senate Bill 216, which made this option possible for our citizens, and also Representative Eddie Lumsden for helping to see the bill through.”

103 Years of Age and Making History

A woman who is 103 years young just made history, winning the gold medal in a track race.

It took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico where folks in their golden years faced off in a senior games competition.

Julia ‘Hurricane” Hawkins just won the gold in both the 50-meter dash and the 100-meter dash in the women’s 100-plus division.

The Louisiana native began running at the age of 100 after she had to give up biking.

She set a record two years ago in the 100-meter for her age group.

She earned the nickname “hurricane” and is the oldest woman to compete on an American track according to the National Senior Games Association.

“I hope I can inspire them to be healthy and to realize that you can still be doing it at this kind of age,” Hawkins said. “Every day when you’re 103 is a miracle.”

Hawkins told reporters she gets most of her exercise working in her garden and advises folks to just keep busy and moving to stay young



Scam Warning from U. S. Marshals Service

The U.S. Marshals Service is alerting citizens of a nationwide upsurge of scams in which callers pose as U.S. Marshals or U.S. Marshals Service employees and threaten to arrest or demand financial information for a variety of alleged crimes.

Scammers pressure citizens to provide confidential data, which could potentially lead to identity theft and fraud.

The calls, which threaten recipients with fines and jail time if they do not comply, are fraudulent and are not connected with the U.S. Marshals Service.

“U.S. Marshals or other federal court employees will never contact someone to demand payment or personal information over the phone,” said David Jolley, U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Tennessee. “While these callers may sound legitimate, we urge people to question the validity of their claims and to never provide financial data or personal information over the phone.”

The U.S. Marshals Service urges people to report the calls to their local FBI office and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, which has the ability to detect patterns of fraud from the information collected and share that data with law enforcement.

Tips from the U.S. Marshals Service:

  • U.S. Marshals will never ask for credit/debit card/gift card numbers, wire transfers, or bank routing numbers for any purpose.
  • Do not divulge personal or financial information to unknown callers.
  • You can remain anonymous when filing a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Authenticate the call by calling the agency the caller said they represented.

Rep. Tom Graves Speaks Against Spending Bill

Yesterday, Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14), Republican Leader of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government, spoke on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in opposition to this year’s subcommittee spending bill. The bill as drafted increases spending over last year’s amount by 8 percent, or $1.8 billion. It also changes current policy in the District of Columbia to allow taxpayer funding for abortion and would block funds from being used to build a wall and secure the southern border. The bill is expected to be voted on this week.

“With the Federal debt exceeding $22 trillion we just cannot afford to spend more, we don’t need to spend more on general government activities. Just because we can spend it, doesn’t mean we should. It’s up to us, let’s set the example and leave this country’s pocketbook in better shape for our kids and grandkids.”

Last year, under a Republican majority and Rep. Graves’ leadership as Chairman of the Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee, $585 million was cut from across the Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) spending bill. The bill created The Fund for America’s Kids and Grandkids (“The Fund”), which safeguards funds for future generations. The money saved was used to make an initial deposit in the fund, which could only be accessed when the nation’s budget deficit is erased.

New Georgia Law To Go In Effect July 1

Georgia is about to become one of only seven states in the nation that makes the threat of sending pictures of a sexual nature a crime.  A new law banning sexual extortion goes into effect on July 1st.

The bill was signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp and will make it illegal to threaten someone with compromising pictures or videos of a sexual nature.  The new law makes a threat of that nature illegal, whereas in the past only the distribution of such images was illegal.

Author State Senator Harold Jones of Augusta says the measure addresses situations where someone threatens to distribute pictures or videos of a sexual nature unless the other party cooperates somehow-responding to coercion. Jones says that was a gap in the law. “Revenge porn” is already illegal in Georgia but it covers situations only where pics or video are actually distributed. The new law makes the first offense a misdemeanor and the second violation a felony.

Another facet of the bill that was tacked on expands the banning of sex between teachers and high school students to all school employees, their agents and others involved in the care and supervision of young people.


“Human Smuggling” Bust in DeKalb County, AL

Ten people said to be in the country illegally were detained by federal authorities following a traffic stop conducted by Sheriff’s Office personnel in DeKalb County, Alabama Wednesday morning.  Deputies with the DeKalb County Criminal Interdiction Team initiated a traffic stop around 10:30 near the 218-mile marker of I-59 – and the “illegal aliens” were discovered inside the stopped vehicle.  Authorities said the bust was connected to a human smuggling operation, and that the people detained were from El Salvador, Ecuador and Guatemala.

The Department of Homeland Security was called to the scene and the suspects were taken into ICE custody.  DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden says the investigation is on-going and federal charges are pending.