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Man Jailed for Threatening Murder

Michael Gregorio Saul Lucas, 22 of Silver Creek, was arrested this week after police said he was recorded telling someone that he was going to “blow their god*** brain out.”

Reports added that the recoding ended with Lucas racking the slide of a gun.

Lucas is charged with terroristic threats and acts.

Silver Creek Man Jailed After Threats of Murder

Woman Accused of Striking Man With Her Car


A Rome woman is accused of striking a man with her vehicle on Watters Street back on June 12.

According to Floyd County Jail records, 26-year old Kiara Nitisha Lofton left her lane of travel to strike the victim, who sustained a large muscle contusion to his left leg.

Lofton is charged with aggravated assault, failure to maintain a lane, failure to report an accident involving an injury, driving with a suspended license, and a probation violation.


Rome Police Department Issues Apology

The Rome Police Department issued a public apology this week following a confrontation between Sgt. Ryan Hutchins and two divers.

The apology read:

On September 7, 2021, a YouTube video was shared anonymously with the Rome Police Department showing a confrontation between Sgt. Ryan Hutchins and two divers. The divers had coated in the Etowah River what appeared to be a grave marker/headstone.  The divers called 911 to turn the marker over to police.  Sgt. Hutchins responded to the call.  The released YouTube video shows Sgt. Hutchins becoming agitated with the divers when they refused to provide their names for an incident report.  Although the video was noticeably edited, Sgt. Hutchins allowed himself to become confrontational with the two divers.

It is policy of the Rome Police Department to treat citizens with respect and civility. The Rome Police Department has reviewed the YouTube video and determined that Sgt. Hutchins acted in an unprofessional manner and brought discredit to the Rome Police Department. The matter has been addressed administratively with disciplinary action taken and made part of Sgt. Hutchins permanent file.

Sgt. Hutchins is a 17 year-veteran with the department and has an excellent service record. He acknowledged that he should have handled the situation better. He has stated that he has learned from his mistake, grown from it, and will use this as a tool to become a better public servant.

The grave marker was determined to be a display model cast by Star Granite Company. The model could have been sent to any vendor in the country for display purposes. All of the local vendors were contacted and none of them reported any stolen or missing.

On behalf of all members of the Rome Police Department, we offer an apology to the community at large. We failed to represent ourselves in a proper manner n this instance. We pride ourselves on our service to the community and hold ourselves to a higher standard.

We also regret people across our community, who had had nothing to do with this incident, have been on the receiving end of harsh criticism and vulgar language by individuals who choose to remain anonymous.

Arrest Made of Man for Child Molestation; Child Was Under 10 Years of Age

William Shane Guice, 38 of Rome, was arrested this week after he was accused of molesting a child under the age of 10 years from 2019 until 2021.

Reports said that Guice touched the intimate parts of the child using his hands and mouth.

Authorities added that the events could have occurred longer but due to the age of the child further dates could not be determined.

Guice is charged with aggravated child molestation, sodomy, incest with a minor, sexual battery against a child and probation violation.

Rome Man Charged with Incest, Child Molestation

Woman Steals Bank Card, Automobile and Gun; Arrested

Jessica Nicole Rose, 28 of Cedartown, was jailed in Rome after she allegedly stole and used an elderly person’s bank card, vehicle and gun.

Reports said that back on November 7, 2020 Rose borrowed the victim’s 2000 Chevy Astro van and then refused to give it back for two weeks.  That same day she is also accused of stealing and pawning the victim’s HiPoint JHP firearm.

Then on November 15, 2020 Rose is accused of taking the victim’s SunTrust Bank card and running up $751.28 on various purchases.   The purchases caused the victim’s bank account to be overdrawn by $494.62

Rose is charged with financial transaction card fraud, felony theft by conversion, felony theft by receiving stolen property and felony exploitation and intimidation of the elderly or disabled.

Cedartown Woman Steals Car, Gun and BAnk Card Before Running Up Charges

18 Year Old Charged With Statutory Rape of 14 Year Old

Nigel Oliver Hall, 18 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he engaged in sexual intercourse with a child 14 years-old age.

Reports added that Hall took the juvenile from her home without permission of the mother to engage in the acts.

The incident occurred back on August 27 of this year.

Hall is charged with statutory rape and interference with child custody

Rome Teen Jailed for Statutory Rape