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Woman Steals Bank Card, Automobile and Gun; Arrested

Jessica Nicole Rose, 28 of Cedartown, was jailed in Rome after she allegedly stole and used an elderly person’s bank card, vehicle and gun.

Reports said that back on November 7, 2020 Rose borrowed the victim’s 2000 Chevy Astro van and then refused to give it back for two weeks.  That same day she is also accused of stealing and pawning the victim’s HiPoint JHP firearm.

Then on November 15, 2020 Rose is accused of taking the victim’s SunTrust Bank card and running up $751.28 on various purchases.   The purchases caused the victim’s bank account to be overdrawn by $494.62

Rose is charged with financial transaction card fraud, felony theft by conversion, felony theft by receiving stolen property and felony exploitation and intimidation of the elderly or disabled.

Cedartown Woman Steals Car, Gun and BAnk Card Before Running Up Charges

Trion Resident Arrested in Nearby Alabama

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office:

Booking #:
Booking Date:
09-15-2021 – 11:37 am
Release Date:
09-15-2021 – 2:12 pm

Cherokee County Arrest Files:

Deferionus Stewart, age 28 of Trion, Georgia – NO CHARGES LISTED

THS Student Has Died As Result of Injuries Sustained in Accident

A student at Trion High School passed away on Tuesday from injuries received in a four-wheeler accident taking place last weekend.

Sixteen year old Josh Hernandez passed shortly after 6:00 Tuesday evening as the result of injuries sustained in the ATV accident which occurred on Saturday, on Knox Street in Pennville near Paradise Gardens.  He was transported by LifeForce Helicopter to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, from the Redmond EMS station in Summerville.

GoFundMe page has been set up to assist with the medical and funeral expenses.

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Trion Splash Pad Will Close Sept. 26

The Town of Trion Recreation Department announced that the Trion Splash Pad will be closing later this month.

Currently, the splash pad is open from 10 AM until 9 PM, seven days a week.

The splash pad will close for the year on Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 9 PM.

Pursuit Ends With Fatality

Paulding County Sheriff’s Office –

Deputies with the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office were called to assist the Georgia State Patrol with an uncooperative motorist that resulted in a fatal pursuit last week.

In the early morning hours of Friday, September 10, 2021, Deputies with the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office were requested to assist a Georgia State Patrol Trooper on a traffic stop. The Trooper advised that he had an uncooperative male and that he needed assistance quickly.

Paulding Deputies immediately responded to the scene to assist with the uncooperative male driver who would not lower his window and provide the requested information.

The male driver, who was later determined to be under the influence of alcohol, failed to comply with the Deputy and Trooper’s requests to roll down his window and provide his license and other pertinent information.

At the conclusion of the incident, it was discovered that the male driver had a suspended driver’s license as well. It was then that the Paulding Deputy broke the driver’s side window out of the vehicle.

Once the window was broken out, the male driver fled and subsequently ran over the Trooper’s foot and a pursuit ensued.

Deputies assisted with the pursuit until the Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) was performed by the Trooper causing the vehicle to crash.

Deputies and the Trooper immediately rendered aid to all of the occupants of the vehicle after the crash. It was later determined that an unrestrained male juvenile was fatally injured in the incident.

As a result of the fatal pursuit, Charlie Wilson Moore (B/M, 35 YOA) was arrested and charged by the Georgia State Patrol with the below-listed offenses.

It must also be noted that Moore was wanted out of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and the Covington Police Department for various charges:

-Murder During the Commission of a Felony

-Homicide by Vehicle in 1st Degree

-Fleeing and Attempting to Elude

-DUI – Alcohol

-Open Container in Motor Vehicle

-Endangering a Child While DUI of Alcohol or Drugs

-Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device

-Failure to Obey Stop Sign

-Too Fast for Conditions

-Obstruction of LEO (M)

-Aggravated Assault Against a Peace Officer (vehicle: at, toward person)

-Reckless Driving

-Failure to Obey Stop Sign

-Child Safety Restraint


-Failure to Obey Stop Sign

-Giving Wrong Signal

-Illegal Stop/Stand/Park Where Prohibited

-Improper Turn at Intersection

-Giving Wrong Signal

-Giving Wrong Signal

-Giving Wrong Signal

-Improper/Erratic Lane Change

-Failure to Maintain Lane/improper Driving on Road

-Failure to Obey Stop Sign

-No License on Person

-Distracted Driving – Physically Holding or Supporting Wireless Device

-Giving Wrong Signal

-Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (M)

-Aggressive Driving

-Failure to Obey Stop Sign

-Littering from Motor Vehicle

As a point of clarification to the above-listed charges; in the instances where you see the same charges multiple times, these are all separate infractions where Moore committed the same offense multiple times at different locations during the pursuit.

Any information related to the overall case and the subsequent pursuit should be referred to the Georgia State Patrol’s Office of Public Information.

Investigation Into Georgia’s Prisons Being Conducted by The Justice Department

The Justice Department announced today that it has opened a statewide civil investigation into conditions of confinement of prisoners held in Georgia’s prisons.

“Individuals sentenced to prison in Georgia Department of Corrections facilities deserve to be treated humanely,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Kurt R. Erskine.  “Our office is committed to ensuring state prisoners are safe while serving their sentences.  We look forward to working cooperatively with the Georgia Department of Corrections to ensure the safety of all individuals in its prisons.”

“Ensuring the inherent human dignity and worth of everyone, including people who are incarcerated inside our nation’s jails and prisons, is a top priority,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “The Justice Department’s investigations into prison conditions have been successful at identifying systemic constitutional violations and their causes, fixing those causes, and stopping the violations. We are investigating prison violence and abuse in Georgia’s prisons to determine whether Constitutional violations exist, and if so, how to stop them.”

“Prison conditions that enable inmates to engage in dangerous and even deadly activity are an injustice, jeopardizing the lives of detainees, staff members and other corrections personnel,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Peter D. Leary for the Middle District of Georgia. “Our local law enforcement and corrections partners, with whom we work with closely each and every day, are indispensable to our united goal of achieving a safer Georgia for all. Under the leadership of the department’s Civil Rights Division, we look forward to collaborating with our state partners to address our mutual concern for safety in the corrections system.”

“This investigation is an example of our office’s commitment to stamping out violence in our district, no matter where it is found, no matter who the victim is,” said Acting U.S. Attorney David H. Estes for the Southern District of Georgia. “We look forward to working with the State of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, and our counterparts in the U.S. Attorney’s Offices for the Northern and Middle Districts of Georgia to further our shared mission to keep correctional facilities safe for the sake of our community, the prisoners housed there and the dedicated staff who work there.”

The investigation will examine whether Georgia provides prisoners reasonable protection from physical harm at the hands of other prisoners. The department also will continue its existing investigation into whether Georgia provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex prisoners reasonable protection from sexual abuse by other prisoners and by staff.

The department has not reached any conclusions regarding the allegations in this matter. The investigation will be conducted under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA). Under CRIPA, the department has the authority to investigate whether any violations of prisoners’ constitutional rights result from a “pattern or practice of resistance to the full enjoyment of such rights.” The department has conducted CRIPA investigations of many correctional systems, and where violations have been found, the resulting settlement agreements have led to important reforms.

The Special Litigation Section of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division is conducting this investigation jointly with the U.S. Attorney’s Offices for the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of Georgia. Individuals with relevant information are encouraged to contact the department via phone at (844) 401-3736 or by email at

Additional information about the Civil Rights Division’s CRIPA investigations related to prisons and jails can be found here:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Aileen Bell Hughes, Civil Rights Enforcement Coordinator, is handling this matter for the Northern District of Georgia.

For further information, please contact the U.S. Attorney’s Public Affairs Office at or (404) 581-6016.  The Internet address for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia is

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Body of Unidentified Person Found Off U. S. 278

According to Polk County Coroner Norman Smith, a body of an unidentified white male was found off U.S. 278 near Substation Road late Thursday, Sept 9.

Reports said that the body of the unidentified man was found just before midnight Friday.  He was pronounced dead a short time later from “multiple blunt trauma”.

According to the GSP,  the victim was struck by a vehicle while walking down the road.  The driver then left the scene and has not been located.

The body will be sent to the GBI crime lab for an autopsy.

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Pursuit of Stolen Car by Gordon County Deputies on SR 53

A Gordon County deputy sheriff on patrol observed a suspicious vehicle loitering in a church parking lot on the Rome Road (SR 53).

The deputy also noticed that this automobile, a white sedan, had no license plate. When the deputy tried to stop the vehicle, it sped away at a high rate of speed, with the deputy in pursuit. The deputy was immediately joined by other deputy sheriffs and Calhoun police as the chase approached the city.

The driver of the suspect vehicle was operating in a most reckless manner, driving on the wrong side of the road and into oncoming traffic. The pursuit ended on River Street when a Sheriff’s vehicle ‘pitted’ the fleeing car. Upon being ‘pitted’, the driver of the suspect car attempted to continue his escape but was struck and stopped by another Sheriff’s Office vehicle.

A number of deputies and police officers cornered the driver, who attempted to resist arrest but was quickly subdued. No innocent bystanders or officers were injured. He was taken into custody and removed to the county jail where he was subsequently identified as one Chaney Tyler Hankins, age 30, of Cartersville.

The car he was driving had been reported stolen from Paulding County, and Hankins was being sought by authorities in Bartow County and Fulton County as well on (separate) charges of Hit & Run. He is lodged in the county jail and will face theft and an array of traffic related offenses here.

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