LaFayette Resident Arrested at Jack’s Restaurant

A LaFayette man was arrested after an altercation at Jacks Restaurant in Summerville on Wednesday of last week.

According to a report from the Summerville Police Department, forty-five-year-old Michael M. Alpha of LaFayette was ordering a meal at Jacks when he reached across the counter to get a drink cup.  The cashier serving Alpha told him that he couldn’t reach across the counter and get his own drink cups and that she would be happy to do that for him.  At that point, Alpha asked to have his money returned to him.  While the cashier was attempting to get his money back to him, Alpha again reached across the counter and grabbed a stack of empty drink cups and threw them at the cashier.  He then doused the employee with his drink and threw the cup, striking the cashier.  Alpha followed that up by throwing his tray of food at the employee.

Summerville Police reviewed security footage at the restaurant and confirmed the sequence of events that the employee reported.

Alpha was arrested and charged with simple battery.