Screaming At Trees Leads To One Arrested

According to a report released this week, Summerville Police arrested a woman after she was found screaming loudly in a wooded area.

The report said that Chattooga 911 had notified the county sheriff’s department about complaints about woman in the area of Highway 48 and Martin Street who was walking through the woods screaming.  A Chattooga County Deputy spotted the woman on the railroad tracks near Highway 48 close to the Summerville City Limits.   The deputy gave the woman lawful commands to stop, but the woman ignored the deputy.

A short time later, a city police officer found the woman on the railroad tracks off of Lyerly Street and said that she was “screaming at trees”.  The woman screamed at the officer and began to use foul language.  As the officer continued to try to communicate with the woman, she threatened physical harm to the officer and became even more irate.  At that point, the officer pulled out his taser and told the woman that he would use it if she didn’t comply with lawful commands.

At that point, the woman began to cooperate.

Thirty-eight-year-old Sarah Charlene Edgeworth was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of law enforcement officers and was taken to the Chattooga County Jail.