Nurses Organize “Anti-Mandate” Rally for Friday

An “anti-mandate” rally is scheduled for this Friday along the Levy Wall at Heritage Park to Floyd Medical Center.

The rally will begin at 3:30 and go until 7 pm.

The idea for the rally came after Floyd Medical Center sent a memo to employees stating that they must get the COVID 19 vaccine.

Two of the orgainzers are nurses with Floyd Medical Center.

According to organizers, “We want to make something clear: this is not an Anti-Vax protest! This is a protest against forced vaccinations with the COVID-19 Vaccine. When COVID-19 first started to show up in our town, we worked countless hours treating the sick while everyone sheltered in place. Because of the fear caused by the virus and limited supply, we often had to work without or with limited PPE. We had to spend days, weeks, and sometimes months away from our families and loved ones because we were quarantining to keep them safe. Most of us caught COVID from our patients so, we personally know what it is like and can empathize with others who have had it. After having to make personal sacrifices, endured long work hours, and endured seemingly unending isolation from our families, we did not complain and we did not run away from our duties to care for those who were sick. We did not do this for the recognition. We did it because we are passionate about our jobs and caring for those who could not care for themselves. Now, we are having the same jobs, that we were called “heroes” for doing, held hostage. We are being told that we must receive the COVID vaccine or face possible termination. It is not that we are against vaccines or anyone who wants to take this vaccine, but in our opinions, we believe it is not for us. Most of us have already have COVID and have a natural immunity to it. We only want the same medical freedoms and choices as we have given our patients. That is why we are organizing. To let everyone know what we are being forced to do. We have stood silent for too long and we have decided to stand up for ourselves. We want to keep our jobs that we love. We love caring for people when they are sick and in need, but we want to continue working without having our personal freedoms and privacy violated, the same freedoms that we strive to protect with all of our patients. We want to continue our jobs more than anything, but we also want to make it clear that we have made our choice in this matter. We know that we are only the first step towards a national mandate. We are doing this for ourselves, our children, our families, and for everyone else who also does not believe this vaccine is right for them. Today it’s the vaccine. What will the next mandate be? We encourage anyone who who wants to take the vaccine to do so, but we want the same courtesy. We have friends and family members who have been vaccinated. We still love them and they still love us. The turmoil this has caused and will continue to cause is ripping our nation apart. If you feel as we do, then please come out and stand with us on Friday, September 3rd from 4PM-7PM along the Levee Foot Path in Heritage Park. If they can mandate those who they called “heroes” for the last year, then they can mandate everyone.”