Blood Assurance Seeking Blood Donors

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Less than 10 percent of the eligible population donates and Blood Assurance says that they need every able donor to give blood for patients in the Northwest Georgia Region. Blood Assurance performs up to 13 tests on each unit of blood to ensure that the blood is safe for the recipient.

Blood Assurance is a nonprofit, full-service regional blood center serving healthcare facilities in our area.  More than 540 volunteer blood donors are needed every day in order to adequately supply area hospitals.

Mount Vernon Mills will be hosting the Blood Assurance Buses on the Central Plaza at the Trion facility Thursday September 23 from 7AM to 5PM.

Community members are welcome to participate in this blood drive and all Social Gathering guidelines will be followed. Please drink plenty of water and eat good meals prior to your donation, but avoid high energy caffeinated drinks. A T-shirt and light refreshments will be provided to donors.

Blood Assurance distributes blood donations in our local community benefitting our families, friends and neighbors. While not required, for your convenience appointments can be made by calling 706-734-4778.

First time donors should bring ID.