Counterfeit Bills Used at Chattooga’s Tag Office

Passing counterfeit bills wasn’t the only surprise waiting for one man, when he attempted to pay his taxes at the Chattooga County Tag office late last week.

On August 25th Summerville Police Officers were dispatched to the Chattooga County Tag office where they met with Tax Commissioner, Joy Hampton. Hampton told officers that a man, identified as Braden Black had attempted to pay his taxes which included two counterfeit bills. When Officers examined the bills and discovered the strip missing in both of them, they informed Black that they were indeed counterfeit. Black then stated he would like to file a complaint about the bills. He had received the bills either the 17th or 18th at a Navy Federal Credit Union in Kennesaw, or earlier last week at the Ingles in Summerville.

Taking down this information led to another surprise for Black. When Officer ran his information through the Chattooga County E911 system, E911 informed that Black had actually had his license suspended for child support. As Black had not been served yet with this information, Officers informed and served him at the scene. However, Black stated that he did not have his license on him at that time, as he must have left them at home.

Officers confiscated the bills and the case is still active.