No Lock Down Planned for Georgia

“Georgia will not lock down or impose statewide mask mandates.”  Those were the words from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp this week.  The governor went on to say that, as the first state in the U.S. to reopen last year, people here know how to protect themselves and their families.

He cites the efforts of and vaccines created by Operation Warp Speed as reasons for his decision, noting nearly all new hospitalizations have been people who were unvaccinated.

“My family, myself, and other state leaders have all rolled up their sleeves and gotten their shot. I encourage all Georgians who have concerns or questions to talk to a medical provider and get vaccinated as quickly as possible,” he wrote.

He concludes by saying the biggest obstacle in returning to normalcy is “mixed messages” from Washington D.C.

“Georgians know the risks and they know these safe, effective vaccines are our greatest tool to defeat COVID-19,” Kemp said.