Flood Control Update From Summerville Coucilman Money

Summerville City Councilman Joe Money has been working to get elected officials and state agencies to cooperate to find a solution to the flooding issue in downtown Summerville.

Earlier this year, heavy rains flooded the downtown area near the intersection of Commerce Street and the Menlo Highway (GA Hwy 48) and damaged homes and businesses.  But it wasn’t the first time that flooding has been an issue in that area of town; in fact, the problem has been ongoing for decades.

Councilman Money says that last Friday, Chattooga’s Emergency Management team met with the GEMA Hazard Mitigation team to review our recent & past flooding issues within the City of Summerville.  Money said, “GEMA’s Team was given a tour of those areas that have severe flooding issues, along with city branches & creeks to review drainage issues. This team will be reporting back with their findings and you will be advised of those findings as soon as they are made available.”