Mayor Stansell of Trion Says Something Has To Be Done About Town Hall

Trion Mayor Larry Stansell says something has to be done about Trion Town Hall and the Trion Police Department.

Stansell says that costly repairs to the roof of the current town hall and police department should be weighted against the possibility of scrapping the building and starting over somewhere else with a new facility. At the last Trion Council meeting, the councilmembers rejected all the bids for a new roof.  The lowest bid from American Roofing came back over $74,000.

The Summerville News reported last week that councilmembers voted to reject the bids, but were “blind sighted” by the mention of a new town hall.  Mayor Stansell says that he has already talked with First National Bank about the possibility of a loan for a new facility.

On Tuesday, Mayor Stansell put out the following press release: