Major Announcement: WKSY, SKY 21 Television To Air Real America’s Voice News/Entertainment Network Beginning July 1

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WKSY, SKY 21 Television is happy to announce that beginning July 1, 2021 we will begin airing Real America’s Voice news programming.  Real America’s Voice will air on Charter Channel 5 and also over broadcast channel 21.1 (antenna viewers).The staff and management of WKSY believe this new network will be an asset to our other great network programming.  Real America’s Voice is a 24/7 news and entertainment network.

Real Americas Voice is a media solutions firm that enables Content Providers, Agencies and Advertisers to leverage our 130 years of combined media expertise to deliver the country’s first audience-driven news platform!

Americas Voice is a platform that fosters the real voice of America!

At a time when traditional values continue to get trampled by conglomerate news-networks, Americas Voice provides a platform for audiences to be a part of the story so we can broadcast the true opinion of the masses!

So, if you’re tired of politicians and mega-media outlets telling you how to think and how to feel, then get engaged with Real Americas Voice…and make sure they never forget who holds the true voice of the people!

At Real America’s Voice we’re flipping the script on today’s one-way news. Instead, we’re seeking high audience-participation across our 24/7 programming. You’re not just a viewer anymore… you’re a contributor!

There’s finally a platform for your news, your opinion and your voice…its Real Americas Voice!

RAV is dedicated to bringing our viewers truthful and accurate reporting, which we will always distinguish from our editorial content. We engage in a thorough fact-checking process for all news, and should we ever err in our reporting.

RAV demands the highest ethical standards from management and staff, and the company maintains a strict ethics policy. Staff members are prohibited from engaging in any conflicts of interest, including reporting on any enterprise in which the staff member has a financial stake. We also have a zero- tolerance policy for willfully dishonest reporting. Staff are also prohibited from working for any political party.

Tune in on Thursday, July 1 for the following programs:
ThursdayJuly 1
12:00 AM The War Room
2:00 AM Outside the Beltway
3:00 AM War Room Special Coverage
4:00 AM Just the Truth
5:00 AM The Water Cooler
6:00 AM The Steve Gruber Show
8:00 AM Ringside Politics
9:00 AM Just the News AM
10:00 AM The War Room
12:00 PM News On
1:00 PM America’s Voice Live
3:00 PM The Water Cooler
4:00 PM Outside the Beltway
5:00 PM War Room Special Coverage
6:00 PM Just the Truth
7:00 PM Dr. Gina PrimeTime
8:00 PM Live from Studio 6B
10:00 PM America’s Voice Live
Just Real News and Honest Views!