Lost Hikers Rescued

Trion Fire Department responded to a very early morning call regarding some lost hikers near the Narrows on Taylors Ridge, on Thursday morning.

According to the Trion Fire Department Facebook page:

At approximately 12:28am lost hikers were reported somewhere on the Narrows “D.W. Mountain” as the locals call it, unkown what area. Engine 12 arrived on scene shortly after. Command was set up at the fort on top of the mountain and was operated by Captain Christian Proctor. Lost hikers were found at approximately 1:15am and brought back to command post by 1:48am. Ground search team was Chief Justin Lowe, Captain Justin Cannon, Lieutenant David Wilson, and Firefighter Drew Cook. Three lost hikers from Cobb County were found approximately 300 yards from command post on the other side of the steep ridge in a thicket. No injuries were reported. Outstanding teamwork by our firefighters, Chattooga County Sheriffs Office, and Subligna Fire. Trion Fire had 13 Personnel on scene assisting with search efforts.