Truck Left at Local Paint & Body Shop Stolen; Used In Theft; Damaged

A truck left for repairs at a local paint and body shop was damaged and later was discovered to have been used in a theft of a vehicle from Walker County.

Tony Wright contacted the Chattooga County Sheriffs Office regarding new damage to his GMC truck that he had left at Michaels body shop in Trion for repairs.

Video evidence obtained showed that the truck had been stolen the night before and used, along with a 16′  trailer to steal a Camaro, during which time the truck received damage to the bed, passenger side, and front end. The video also showed that a Deputy on patrol the night before had attempted to stop the driver of the truck when it was in the highway in front of Michaels shop doing donuts and driving erratically. The driver fled on foot before Deputies were able to apprehend them.

The individual was caught on tape and was described as a white male wearing a white t-shirt and a ball cap.

Tony Wright spoke with the owners of the body shop about repairing the damage to his vehicle as the theft occurred while on his property, but the owner stated he had multiple signs up about not being responsible for theft or damages.

The video was turned over the Walker County Sheriffs Department for their case.