Rome Man Flashes Xfinity Employees

A Rome man was given a citation this week after he allegedly flashed employees at Xfinity off Turner McCall.

Reports said that officers were dispatched to the cable provider in response to a customer yelling and cursing at employees.

When officer Josh Kerce arrived he was notified that the customer, James Luther Kempt, had pulled his pants down and exposed his buttocks to employees and customers that were standing in line before driving away in a Dodge Caravan.

Officer Kerce stated that he spotted the van leaving Hicks Drive and initiated a traffic stop.

While speaking with Kempt, officers stated that they were told that Xfinity would not let him in despite a sign stating they were open.

Officer Kerce proceeded to speak with a the complainant and asked her what took place.  The complainant said that the business had closed due to them having to sanitize due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19. She added that when she informed Kempt of what was going on he became irate and began to curse and yell.  She added that Kempt called her a “fat ass” and told her to “kiss his ass” before he pulled his pants down and exposes his buttocks.

When the officer questioned Kempt about the acquisition he admitted to calling the woman a “fat ass”, but added that he could not have flashed the woman because he was wearing suspenders.

A citation for disorderly conduct was given and Kempt was allowed to leave.

Kerece then reported that he went back to Xfinity to again speak with employees.  He then told them what Kempt said, admitting to the language, but denying the mooning.

Employees stated that in fact Kempt did moon them because “when he pulled his pants down his suspenders went between his butt cheeks similar to that of a thong”.

Because Kempt was not arrested, only issued a citation, no mug shot is available.