Road Rage at Fast Food Drive Thru

A case of road rage, at a fast food drive-thru has lead to an open investigation with possible battery charges pending, according to reports from the Summerville Police Department.

Reports from the Summerville Police Department state that on Saturday, May 8th they were dispatched to Jacks Drive-Thru near Marvins in Summerville. They met with Brittany Scoggins who stated that she was in the drive-thru line with her 3 minor children and her mother. They were in line behind a man in a Nissan Murano, who did not move up in line when the line moved forward as the male was on his cell phone. After waiting a moment, Scoggins moved her car around the Murano and pulled in front of him in line.

This apparently angered the driver of the Murano, as the man exited his vehicle and began to yell at Scoggins. The man kicked her passenger door and continued to act in a very aggressive manor. Scoggins exited her vehicle to confront the man and he pushed her back into her car, then went back to his car and exited through the Marvins parking lot. Scoggins was able to get the tag number from the Murano and gave it to Officers.

Officers ran the tag and visited the subjects home in Trion, where his mother stated he wasn’t at home. The man, identified as James David Searels did contact Officers later and gave his version of events. The case is still under investigation.