Officers Dispatched to Car Wash On Highland Avenue; One Arrested

A man was arrested for suspected Methamphetamine, among other charges at the car wash after assaulting a woman.

According to reports, Summerville Police were dispatched to the car wash on Highland Avenue regarding a belligerent male who was threating to hit a female and would not exit her vehicle. Arriving on scene, Officers discovered Ella Colby standing in the middle of Highland Avenue was she attempted to evade Steven Lingerfelt, who was yelling and cursing at Colby as he pursued her across the parking lot and into traffic.

When Lingerfelt spotted Deputies, he immediately turned and quickly tried to walk back to the car. Officers spoke with Colby who stated that Lingerfelt was not only back on dope, but that he had dope on him. Lingerfelt had made several threatening statements to Colby including threatening to kill her.

Officers then met with Lingerfelt at the car wash bay. Lingerfelt had a strong odor of alcohol and had the telling signs of meth use, including facial ticks, sweating profusely, and jerky body movements. While speaking to Lingerfelt, Officers observed a dry, Goodys Powder box, which was unusual given how busy the car wash is, lying in the bay. Further investigation of the box showed a sizable bag of a white, crystal substance that appeared to be methamphetamine. Noticing the bag, Lingerfelt immediately began to deny knowledge of it. After Ella Colby stated that the Goody Powder box had been in the car console nearest Lingerfelt, Officers placed Lingerfelt under arrest. He was transported to the Chattooga County Jail and charged with a list of offenses including assault, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and methamphetamine possession.