DUI Arrest Made After BOLO Issued

A call put out for a BOLO on a Ford Fusion resulted in a DUI arrest for one Huntsville, Alabama man.

According to reports from the Summerville Police Department, last Wednedsay, Officers on duty observed the vehicle matching the description of an active BOLO call that appeared to be having issues maintaining a lane. After hitting at least 2 curbs, the driver of the Ford Fusion finally pulled over.

Approaching the window, Officers could detect the odor of alcohol and observed a clear plastic cup, with apparent alcohol in it. After running the licenses, Officers noticed that the clear cup with the liquid in it was now missing. Asking the driver, identified as John Breazeale from Huntsville Alabama, about his alcohol intake that day, Breazeale stated that he had only had one margarita some time earlier.

Breazeale appeared glassy eyed, and unstable on his feet, and after consenting to a field sobriety test, the Alco Sensor test showed a BAC of 0.113. Breazeale was then placed under arrest and transported to the Chattooga County Jail.