22 Year Old Summerville Resident Arrested in Oconee County, GA

A Summerville Man was arrested in Oconee County, GA. after the owner of the vehicle he was driving reported it stolen.

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents: On April 29, Cpl. Kenji Dorsey was dispatched to RaceTrac on Monroe Highway after the owner of a stolen Toyota Corolla reported his tracking device had traced his missing car to the store. The suspected thief had gone into the store and tried to buy a 95-cent cigar with a credit card, which was rejected. Dorsey questioned the man, who said he had started his rap career that day and that the car belonged to his music label, Million Dollar Baby. The 22-year-old Summerville man was also wearing Nike Jordan shoes that belonged to the car’s owner, who was from College Park. The suspect ended up in jail on his first day as a rapper.