Stolen Wallet Reported

A local resident has reported that her wallet was stolen while she was visiting a local restaurant.

Last Saturday, Deputies met with Lejean Messer regarding a missing wallet. Messer stated that she was paying for her food at the China Buffet in town and after exiting the restaurant she noticed that her purse felt lighter. She checked her purse and noticed that her burgundy wallet was no longer in her purse.

Messer then turned around and retraced her steps back toward the building. Messer stated that as she was headed back in she passed a female with pink hair exiting the restaurant quickly with something concealed in her hand. The unknown female entered a truck with two males and left.

Messer stated that she and the other female were both in the restaurant at the same time and in fact were the only two people in there. Messer was advised to cancel any cards and contact her bank in regards to her checks.