Rep. Mullis Issues Statement on Legislative Session

On Monday, April 12, Georgia Sen. Jeff Mullis, a Republican from Chickamauga, released the following prepared statement. Mullis represents Senate District 53, which includes Catoosa, Dade, and Walker counties and portions of Chattooga County. He is chairman of the Senate Rules Committee


This legislative session was one of — if not the most important — of our lifetimes. We needed to address election security, curb the power of government during a pandemic, protect our Second Amendment, and provide relief to the hard-working citizens of Georgia. On November 5, 2020,
I was among the first elected officials in the state of Georgia to boldly promise election security reform. Now that the legislative session has concluded, I am proud to say we delivered on that promise and many more.
“I proudly: Introduced 12 separate bills to secure our elections, many of which were combined into the final election reform bill that was passed and signed into law.”
“Led the fight for and passed SB 202 election reform bill.”
“Supported HB (House Bill) 218 that safeguards and protects our Second Amendment rights from government overreach.”
“Supported HB 593 that further cut taxes in the State of Georgia.”
“Led the fight for SB (Senate Bill) 255 that creates a program to support and attract small and large retail business to Georgia by making us more competitive with Tennessee and Alabama along our borders.”
“Strongly opposed any mandated government vaccination or ‘vaccination passports.’
“Refused to bow down to Major League Baseball, Hollywood liberals, and other socialist groups that are trying to hurt our state.”
“I was proud to keep my promises, but our job is far from over. While we accomplished much, we still have more work to do on election security and sending a clear message that the State of Georgia will not back down on securing the voting process, no matter how upset liberals from New York or California may get.”
“I look forward to continuing to fight for the best interest of the hardworking folks of the 53rd District and the great State of Georgia.”