Obenoskey Arrested on Several Charges

Driving with a suspended license lead to the arrest of a Menlo man, which then lead to more charges including an aggravated stalking charge.

While on patrol, Chattooga County Sheriff Deputies spotted Douglas Mathew Obenoskey driving a Dodge Durango along Highway 337. Obenoskey was known to the Deputies who also knew that he did not have a valid drivers license. An early call had also went out that Obenoskey was in the area harrassing another individual.

A traffic stopped confirmed that Obenoskeys license was indeed still suspended and after a short discussion, he admitted that he had eluded Deputies earlier in the day because he did not want to go to jail. After passing a field sobriety test, Obenoskey was placed under arrest and transported to the Chattooga County jail due to the suspended license. After being booked it was discovered that Obenoskey was prohibited from any contact with the victim due to the terms of his bond from a previous charge. He had also been arrested recently for criminal trespass at the victims property.

Obenoskey was charged with driving with a suspended tag, driving with a suspended license, open container, and aggravated stalking.